Anime Review: ハヤテのごとく! Hayate no Gotoku!/Hayate The Combat Butler — 01

OP: “Hay­ate no Gotoku!” by KOTOKO
ED: “Proof” by MELL

OP/ED Pic­tures:

I’ll start by say­ing that this isn’t my first “expos­er” to Hay­ate The Com­bat But­ler — I ran­dom­ly read chap­ters 42–51 of the Hay­ate The Com­bat But­ler man­ga (could­n’t get my hands on the rest of it though) and thought it was one the most high­ly enter­tain­ing things I’ve ever read. Watch­ing the ani­me, I can’t say that the man­ga was bet­ter than the ani­me, do to me only read­ing chap­ters 42–51 (yes, I suck), but that just makes it bear­able to watch do to me not know­ing the dif­fer­ences in qual­i­ty between the two, no?


So the sto­ry revolves around Hay­ate Ayasa­ki, an unlucky boy who unluck­i­ly has ter­ri­ble, ter­ri­ble par­ents. No real­ly, they’re ter­ri­ble. THEY’RE FRIKKEN TERRIBLE. Both of them are “unem­ployed” bums leav­ing Hay­ate to work hid­ing his age (with him hav­ing to switch jobs every time because they RAT HIS BUTT OUT). Even­tu­al­ly they go so low as to aban­don Hay­ate, take every­thing that was in the damn apart­ment, and leave him to pay a 156,804,000 yen debt to the yakuza.

Owned by San­ta Claus.

Owned by Hay­ate Ayasaki.
After escap­ing through his win­dow Mis­sion Impos­si­ble-style, he sees a girl named Nagi Sanzenin and decides to hold her hostage for ransom.
No, for once the dev­il of our minds isn’t the one say­ing that…

How­ev­er, he choos­es the wrong choice of words and Nagi mis­takes it for a con­fes­sion of love. As Hay­ate tries to make the ran­som phone call (and fail­ing as he acci­den­tal­ly intro­duced him­self when he called), real thugs show up and kid­nap Nagi. Now, unlike Hay­ate, they actu­al­ly chuck her into a car rapist-style and dri­ve off. Lay­ing in the freez­ing snow to his death, a girl arrives (Maria), shows him kind­ness and all that jazz, sees those thugs dri­ving away with Nagi and with his heart so bright, steals the girl’s bike and goes to save her. BECAUSE KIDNAPPING’S NOT COOL.

After sav­ing her, she’s in his debt. he tells her that she could find a new job for him as he falls on the ground injured (and as the cen­sor­ship arrives). It turns out that Nagi is rich, VERY rich. This leads to Nagi decid­ing to make him her but­ler. Oh yeah, and a cool ran­dom heli­copter appears.


What can I say? I guess I’ll tun­ing in. The ani­me has plen­ty of com­e­dy (I esspe­cial­ly love the ref­er­ences to oth­er ani­me, like the stat­ue of Conan Edo­gawa in the ani­me trail­er and episode pre­view), good art (the char­ac­ter designs are pret­ty cute), a decent BGM track, decent voice act­ing (for the most part) and the nar­ra­tor rules all. Spring is sure look­ing great right now.

“Be sure to watch ani­me at a good dis­tance and in a well-lit room”:

/style ! 😀

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