Crazy rumor from GameCrazy: Phoenix Wright 3?

-Source: This thread on Court-Records Forums

Accord­ing to a screen of Game­Crazy’s com­put­er sys­tems post­ed by one of their employ­ees on Court-Records, a new Phoenix Wright game is set to be released on 9/25/2007, pre­sum­ably a DS port of Gyakuten Saiban 3.

I work at a Game­Crazy store and peri­od­i­cal­ly, our com­put­ers will be updat­ed with infor­ma­tion before pub­lish­ers release it (for exam­ple, we have “Rid­dick” for the PS3 and XB360 in our sys­tems, but no announce­ment has been made). Any­way, I was check­ing trade-in val­ues this morn­ing for Phoenix Wright, and I noticed six entries instead of the usu­al four (each game has an entry for a used copy and a new copy.. so four entries = 2 games, 8 entries = 4 games, etc).

Any­way, I went back and looked, and I noticed that they have put in a new Phoenix Wright game, slat­ed for this fall, and the tagline cut off, but it said “Phoenix Wright — Tri­als Tribu”. I’m guess­ing it could be “Tri­als and Tribu­la­tions”, but I don’t know. It had a release date of 9/25/07.

I know what you’re say­ing. “Oh, he’s a new guy. It’s his first post. He’s mak­ing this stuff up.”


(“Game­boy DS”… GameStop’s unfixed com­put­er errors makes me LOL in my pants…)

All I have to say is…


(kthx to Court-Records for the smi­lie. 😛)

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