Mikoto’s “Don’ts” on AMVs

1. Music that has noth­ing to do with the AMV at hand
This should not even be explained. No one wants to watch an AMV that’s, for exam­ple, about Flonne from Dis­gaea yet has “Rewrite” as the song from Full­met­al Alchemist.

2. Dis­tract­ing Sub­ti­tles — Pira­cy Alert
Using scenes from fan­subs for your AMVs shows unpro­fes­sion­al­ism and unre­lat­ed to the qual­i­ty of the AMV: shows how cheap you are by not buy­ing the DVDs of the series you made the AMV about if it’s a license release (main­ly tar­get­ed toward main­stream titles such as Naru­to, Poke­mon, etc.). The sub­ti­tles are also very, very dis­ract­ing, esspe­cial­ly when there are clips from an open­ing played togeth­er with the AMV’s song, the sub­ti­tles being very out of place (mak­ing it look very tacky) and col­or­ful karoke type­set­ting makes it very hard to con­cen­trate on the video at hand.

To put it short: Sub­ti­tles in AMVs suck, even if the AMV’s good when putting that aside. Raws or DVD rips, please.

3. Two or more themes in an AMV
I’ve seen hap­pen alot in AMVs focus­ing on ship­pings and pair­ings. They focus on at least two ani­me pair­ings in one AMV. Now, it’s not bad, it’s just not fair to the peo­ple who don’t real­ly like one or more of the mul­ti­ple pair­ings in your AMV. And it’s also very annoy­ing to see, for exam­ple, scenes of “Edward Elric x Win­ry” one minute, than “Kyon x Itsu­ki” the next, and alter­nat­ing. It’s like want­i­ng to read a book about apples yet get­ting ran­dom infor­ma­tion on oranges every five pages.

Stick to at least one theme for more eff­i­cen­cy please. Only do it when you could actu­al­ly pull it off, thanks.

4. At least 5 min­utes a scene, please — or else GTFO of Win­dows Movie Mak­er
Con­stant­ly alter­nat­ing between scenes at an accel­er­at­ed rate is annoy­ing. Unless you’re try­ing to what the TMoHS open­ing does at 0:41, don’t switch between scenes like that. It hurts the eyes.

5. If you’re going to use pirat­ed video rips, at least don’t use HK subs. Which is more dis­tract­ing
Nuff’ said.

6. Use one piece of music please
We don’t need clones of the song mon­tages of the dub Poke­mon movie end­ings, thank you very much.

7. Orig­i­nal titles are bet­ter than just nam­ing it after the song you’re using
Using orig­i­nal titles made by your­self for your AMVs instead of nam­ing it after the song you’re using in the back­ground or nam­ing it (Insert series/character name) AMV is bet­ter, in my opin­ion. It shows your cre­ativ­i­ty, as well as show­ing your cre­ativ­i­ty as an AMV mak­er in the actu­al AMV. If the title’s crap­py, than who cares, at least you tried your best nam­ing it unlike the oth­er lazy bums that name it after the back­ground music.

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