Anime Review — ハヤテのごとく Hayate no Gotoku! / Hayate The Combat Butler! 02

Episode 02 ~ “A New Start with Nagi Sanzen­in’s Man­sion” 三千院ナギの屋敷と、新たなる旅立ち

Stu­pid, Un-Com­pre­hen­sive Summary:

Don't EVER punch Mr. Santa Claus
Remem­ber… you punched me in the last episode!”

Hay­ate is found sleep­ing in the clouds as he sees San­ta Claus. San­ta asks if he’s done with with life. Hay­ate says San­ta say­ing thatas if he is dead… San­ta says he is dead. Hay­ate shrugs it off and says he does­n’t care because he does­n’t have any fam­i­ly to grieve for him and no house. A kid­nap­per try­ing to act as if he was a trag­ic hero? San­ta says even though it was in his mind, he punched San­ta in the last episode. And even though he nev­er suc­ceed­ed, what he was try­ing to do was crim­i­nal. Hay­ate starts to beg for forgiveness.

But wait?! It was only a dream. Hay­ate finds him­self sleep­ing in a room in the Sanzenin man­sion, think­ing he’s in heav­en. He thanks God San­ta Claus. He pre­sum­ably wan­ders around the man­sion and takes a lit­tle hot water bath. But wait?! He finds Maria, the maid, bathing in there too! And the bath is now… stained. We must cen­sor it out ’cause it is the lim­it to what the broad­cast code… allows.

BUT WAIT?! That was all a dream (or maybe not…) too! Hay­ate (accord­ing to Maria… lol) has been sleep­ing all this time. After a brief con­ver­sa­tion, Maria under­stands the sit­u­a­tion Hay­ate has with the yakuza (“the very nice peo­ple” … 🙂 ) and Hay­ate and Nag­i’s lit­tle… mis­un­der­stand­ing. Nagi offers Hay­ate (*blush blush*) a posi­tion as her but­ler (“After I tried to kid­nap her?! What a nice girl” And the mis­un­der­stand­ing con­tin­ues… and he thinks this is the first real present San­ta has giv­en him. San­ta Edit: Not real­ly…). Maria informs Klaus (the head but­ler) of Nag­i’s choice for a new but­ler replace­ment for Himega­mi. Klaus asks for infor­ma­tion on his capa­bil­i­ties. “A boy who can catch up to a car dri­ving 120km an hour on a bicy­cle and can sur­vive being hit by the said car.”

… “Maria… Which ***dam is that?” (Gun­dam… TV cen­sors lawl)

Klaus tells her to have him leave.

How­ev­er, see­ing Hay­ate’s moti­va­tion on being a but­ler holds her back from kick­ing him out of the man­sion. He sees Nagi, who he wants to show off his redone-clothes that Maria sewed to, but… seem­ing­ly Nagi is a lit­tle “cold” today. 

可愛い *_*

In actu­al­i­ty, we see Nagi in anoth­er room, say­ing that she did­n’t think she took the right atti­tude at all and that it was too mean. She then day­dreams that she could sew like Maria… and makes out with Hay­ate (DAYDREAM, REMEMBER). Haaaaa~


Nagi asks where Hay­ate is. Maria says that Hay­ate’s work­ing hard to gain her trust. “That’s right!” Nagi says that they have to get to know each oth­er well first. She says she’ll get to where Hay­ate is. Mean­while, it seems that Hay­ate has a nack for clean­ing… which makes Maria not will­ing to kick him out of the man­sion even more. While wan­der­ing around the man­sion, Hay­ate comes across a “study”. He finds a “pic­ture diary” [man­ga…] in the room, but Nagi catch­es him.

Holy crap… o_O”

Apol­o­giz­ing to her for look­ing at her “pic­ture diary” (turns out to be a dou­jin man­ga she was work­ing on…) turned on Nag­i’s “loli destruc­tion sequence” and start­ed to… throw stuff at Hay­ate and yells at him to get out (mean­ing the room, but…).

Hay­ate is out­side the man­sion, think­ing that his future is now ruined. The yakuza very nice peo­ple have came back and tak­en him away. Maria sees this and tells Nagi that Hay­ate is real­ly leav­ing. Nagi says that she does­n’t want hate him or wants him to leave. Maria shows Nagi the lit­tle debt that Hay­ate owes the… very nice people. 

Pirate King
His dream to become Pirate King will be ruined!

As all hope seems lost… “Mask The Mon­ey” (which is real­ly Nagi in a cheap cos­tume) comes and saves Hay­ate. She says that she has a mes­sage from Nagi Sanzenin that she does­n’t want Hay­ate to leave, to come back and be her but­ler again, and says sor­ry for yelling at him. Hay­ate (who has some of the brains to see through her dis­guise) accepts.

BUT OH NO! The very nice peo­ple have caught Hay­ate again, say­ing that won’t hap­pen unless he pays them back all the mon­ey he owes them. Being rich… Nagi does pay them back. LIKE OMG! Hay­ate says that he will pay Nagi back for the mon­ey by serv­ing as her but­ler, but “Mask The Mon­ey” says that it was real­ly just a Christ­mas present for Hay­ate. Hay­ate insists because… “Nagi came here to res­cue me in a very cheap mask”. It does­n’t take any expla­na­tion to know that she thought the mask looked cool. Nagi gets mad, and Hay­ate real­ly has to pay her back now, no dis­counts. The episode ends with them bick­er­ing like broth­er and sister.


This ani­me just won’t fail at being fun­nier and fun­nier. The ani­me ref­er­ences will keep me watch­ing too. So far, the ref­er­ences in this episode (that I noticed) were:

- Gun­dam

- One Piece

- Black Lagoon

- Detec­tive Conan

I laughed so hard at the “***dam” cen­sor and those moments where it said “the end”, yet the char­ac­ters say it’s not over yet. The nar­ra­tor still does­n’t cease to amaze me.

If Hay­ate The Com­bat But­ler con­tin­ues with its hilar­i­ty (which it will), I’ll con­tin­ue on watch­ing. Seems to be one of the bet­ter ani­me this season.

Na... Mask The Money
Mask teh The Money

Next Episode:

Nagi + Hayate
…Just kid­ding.

エッチ Fanservice to satisfy!


Next Episode


The Beast, The Robot, and But­ler That Kind of Shout Love at The Cen­ter of The World” 世界の中心でアイを叫んだり叫ばなかったりな獣とロボと執事

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