Anime Review — Lucky☆Star / らき☆すた 03

Episode 3 — “All Kinds of Peo­pleいろいろな人たち

This calls for some passion!

Anoth­er episode of cute­ness and con­ver­sa­tions about stuff I’ve nev­er real­ly thought about that makes me squeal like a girl. Yes, I’ve been tak­en in by the gim­mick. 😛

So… in order to have a high­er chance of win­ning a draw­ing, you must enter a hun­dred entries? Would­n’t the cost of the post­cards be greater than the prize itself? 

Some things just can’t be bought with mon­ey. I love your think­ing Kona­ta! Tell that to those creepy old peo­ple that take part in enjo kōsai in Japan.

Prize draw­ings ———> twins? o.O I love how this series abrupt­ly changes topics.

Kooooooona-chan! *slap*

Hmmm… If Kaga­mi and Tsukasa were to be iden­ti­cal twins (and tech­ni­cal­ly take on the hair style of Tsukasa)… then Kaga­mi would be supris­ing­ly cute. But who cares?


I love her cranky per­son­al­i­ty much bet­ter. Tsundere~

Hmmm… what would it real­ly be like to find out you’re real­ly one-egg twins when all this time you thought you were two-egg twins? I would be pret­ty shocked. Of course, I don’t see much of a dif­fer­ence between Kaga­mi and Tsukasa’s looks besides how their eyes and hair are drawn (they’re relat­ed char­ac­ters so they can’t be so dif­fer­ent either!). What sets them apart is their per­son­al­i­ties. Kaga­mi is soooo tsun­dere~ and Tsukasa is laid back and adorable.

Cookies =D
This talk about black and white cook­ies is mak­ing me hungry!”

Tsukasa and Kagami’s favorite col­ors »»> black and white cook­ies??? xD Kona­ta wins.

NOOOO!!! It's a TRAP!!!
It’s a trap!

No air con­di­tion­ing is a bum­mer. ):

It's raining, it's pouring
I used to like rainy days because base­ball games would get can­celled and I get to watch my ani­me.”

m behind Kona­ta all the way! Base­ball games always stand in the way of me and my cute lit­tle moes! Just kid­ding. 😛 A reply that’s expect­ed from Kona­ta. I don’t mind because they post­pone Poke­mon episodes, and I want to see the fan­base (or, at least, the Eng­lish fan­base) squi­i­i­i­i­i­i­irm. *cough*

The con­ver­sa­tion about what they would wear on their mar­riage was of no use to me, see­ing as I don’t plan on wear­ing a skirt on my wed­ding… (key­word is PLANNING (:)… and I prob­a­bly would­n’t wear a kimono because I’d most like­ly will get mar­ried in Amer­i­ca.

... No comment...
Wow… she actu­al­ly got owned.

I don’t real­ly ask for help on video games unless I’m real­ly stuck on some­place (*cough* mul­ti­ple times on Zel­da *cough*), because sup­port­ing Konata’s wise words, it would take a chunk of fun out of it for me. Now… will she actu­al­ly do her home­work… by her­self?

Did you ever notice that detec­tives in ani­me and man­ga run into alot of mur­der cases?”

Do visu­al nov­els count? Because it reminds me of some­thing I found on the internet…


… Did I just see a Cro­mar­tie High School reference?

Konata with a ponytail
Tsukasa with a ponytailKagami with a ponytail from behind
I love pony­tails! So 萌え.

I don’t know if it was a cer­tain… per­son that I know in real life that made me love pony­tails… but I think I’m start­ing have a pony­tail fetish. Tak­ing these pics made me absolute­ly gid­dy.

Speak­ing of hair, I real­ly nev­er thought about how long Konata’s hair was. Damn.

See­ing peo­ple use them makes me angry.”

It’s true that col­lec­tors hard­ly ever touch stuff that they buy that relates to some­thing they like. But even though being an avid fan of lots of things, I’ve always used mer­chan­dise that I bought one way or anoth­er. Maybe this is due to my hatred of my old­er half-broth­er not let­ting play with his Darth Maul action fig­ure when I was lit­tle, and kept it in mint con­di­tion (even though the box was not so mint… dusty). I saw it as point­less because he even­tu­al­ly sold it (well… maybe not so point­less), which makes Kona­ta angry too.

Today's topic... is Miyuki!
One of my most favorite parts of Lucky ☆ Star… Lucky Channel!

Aki­ra’s not hap­py because Miyuk­i’s appar­ent­ly a turn on. But don’t wor­ry! Aki­ra’s pop­u­lar with the pedophiles!

Much bet­ter improve­ment over the last two episodes. This episode gave me much more laughs and smiles out of me than both of them put togeth­er, I’ll defi­nate­ly keep on watch­ing. Heh… I liked how they some­what acknowl­eged Aya Hira­no as Kona­ta singing the karoke of Full Met­al Pan­ic! Fumof­fu!‘s OP in the end­ing cred­its… Switch­ing her child-like voice to Aya-mode like that was a lit­tle wierd though (OMG HENSHIN??!!!!11).

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