Anime Review — Lucky☆Star/らき☆すた Episode 04

Episode 4 — “Moti­va­tion Issues” やる気の問題

Brigade armband, desho desho??

Tsukasa = Akari Kamigishi from To Heart.
Yes, she’s going to make you cosplay. ~~

Konata’s teden­cy to pro­cras­ti­nate blos­soms in this episode. Real suprise, huh? Actu­al­ly… it’s just like me, actu­al­ly. Wan­na do home­work… oh wait! I must go to the com­put­er and play some MMORPGs first… Now then… Oh wait! My favorite show’s on… Okay, now… Oh wait! I must go to some inter­net forums for a bit. Okay now… wait, there’s noth­ing else to do. Oh well! Let’s just lay down and stare at the whole, I’ll get to it even­tu­al­ly.

I loved this episode. This episode was burst­ing with ani­me ref­er­ences, notably the obvi­ous ones such as some TMoHS ref­er­ences and the To Heart ref­er­ence. It’s Grade A+ real­ly. The series is get­ting more and more laugh-induc­ing as each episode pass­es. That’s a good thing… right?

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