Anime Review — Lucky☆Star/らき☆すた Episode 05

Episode 05 — “Sharp­shoot­er” 名射手
“Whoa there! I’m not a prize, miss!” (Psss… That was me. ;D)

So I see no dif­fer­ence in the show after the direc­tior change. How­ev­er, I will say that this was, out of the 5 episodes, the best. Not only did I love the MMORPG ref­er­ences in this episode (Kona­ta? A tank? NO WAI! Loved how Nanako-sen­sei both­ered her about doing her home­work dur­ing the game), I loved the Yuka­ta every­one was wear­ing dur­ing the fes­ti­val in this episode. Lucky Chan­nel began too ear­ly though… Or, at least, I felt it began too ear­ly with­in the episode. As much as I love Lucky Chan­nel, I kind of want­ed to see some more adap­tion of the 4‑koma, y’know?

Aside from that, I loved the obvi­ous Pock­et Mon­sters ref­er­ence (Get­to daze~! / Got­ta Catch em’ all~!) and Konata’s karoke of CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA at the end of this episode. Aya Hira­no sure idol­izes Kageya­ma Hironobu. x3

Today’s end­ing…

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