So I read Viz’s Shakugan no Shana light novel and manga today…

Sad Shana

So the light nov­el was still read­able, the trans­la­tion was hope­ful­ly and sure­ly sol­id, and it was high­ly enjoy­able to read the source mate­r­i­al bound between real cov­ers with­out look­ing in the dic­tio­nary every five min­utes. The only prob­lems are… the annoy­ing­ly large text don’t real­ly care and the unneed­ed crop­ping of two of the illustrations. 

English in-bed pictureJapanese in-bed picture
Thanks to Dar­renm and Gyroid­Fa­nat­ic from forums for the pics.

Fawk, I say. FAWK. I hon­est­ly see noth­ing to cen­sor. Are Shana’s panties real­ly that detailed and err… “arous­ing” for it to be kept in for a teenaged audi­ence? I don’t even think that’s bad for lit­tle kids Or is it that Yuji is sleep­ing in bed with her? Either way, he’s still sleep­ing in bed with her. (:

I remem­ber the days where Viz would keep in Goku’s wee-wee for all to see in their ear­ly edi­tions of the Drag­on Ball man­ga… they real­ly went cen­sor­ship crazy since then.

This is the only bull I care about. Aside from this and the large text, it’s all fine.

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  1. Just as a side­note, they have erased like 3 full screen images of shana. So, it legal to say that they striped the nov­el 3 entire pages!

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