Space Pirate? NO WAI!!

Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy is…genius! This game is amaz­ing, I just could­n’t believe an RPG could be com­bined with real time com­bat so well. It feels like a hack and slash, but if you try to slam on that ‘X’ but­ton then you’ll be dead before you reach the first boss. No joke, it hap­pened to me on the game’s sec­ond bat­tle. Sad, really.


Okay, we’re jump­ing straight to the com­bat on this game. As I men­tioned above, the com­bat is in real time. How­ev­er, it’s still a ran­dom encounter. When a fight starts you get a giant flash­ing red ‘WARNING’ sign on your screen and when it goes away the ene­mies jump out of the ground. At this point you have to dis­patch them with abil­i­ties, guns, arrows, swords, and flamethrow­ers. The weapons described above aren’t avail­able to all the char­ac­ters how­ev­er, with the main char­ac­ter wield­ing a sword and hand­gun. In the game you have some­thing sort of like a sta­mi­na bar that decreas­es when you attack, use an item, or use an abil­i­ty. Once it runs out you have to run in cir­cles like a lit­tle girl while it recharges. Or if you’re feel­ing skilled or just plain crazy, then you can block an ene­my attack which instan­ta­neous­ly charges the bar to max­i­mum pow­er. This allows you to pull off a counter attack, no mat­ter how much sta­mi­na you have left. The game also allows for jump­ing, car­ry­ing ene­mies, and throw­ing them around to amuse your­self. There’s so much more I could men­tion, but you’ll have to play for your­self to find out. Let’s just say one gun cre­ates plat­forms on the ene­mies heads for you to jump on to dam­age them, and make use of jump­ing oth­er than for attack­ing up high.

The sto­ry is def­i­nite­ly not the best out there, but hon­est­ly, not many RPG’s have very good sto­ries any­more. In Rogue Galaxy a 17-year-old boy named Jaster is liv­ing a bor­ing life hunt­ing small mon­sters out in the desert for mon­ey. His home, the desert plan­et Rosa, is under con­trol by one of two war­ring empires. He is tired of his monot­o­nous life of liv­ing on an enslaved plan­et and one day, has his dreams ful­filled when he is mis­tak­en for a famous mon­ster hunter and is recruit­ed to a crew of space pirates. Swords, space, and women. What more could you ask for in a game?


Jaster, the main char­ac­ter of the game.

Kisala, the only char­ac­ter you’ll ever care about, oth­er than Jaster.


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