Lucky☆ Intial Star episode 06 — >D

Episode 06 — “Sum­mer Events” 夏の定番

Why is she wearing a school swim suit?
Spe­cial needs, spe­cial needs…

So, here we have one of KyoAni’s beach episodes… The bathing scenes will total­ly bring in the pedophiles. But unfor­tu­nate­ly, they’re with­in legal age.

On the ride there we get an Intial D. ref­er­ence.…

I think I just came with­out touch­ing myself…

This is, with­out a doubt, the best episode of Lucky☆Star so far. Obvi­ous­ly, since it seems to get bet­ter and bet­ter as each episode pass­es. I laugh at those who judged it a lit­tle too ear­ly, com­par­ing it to The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya (not even remote­ly near the same genre… aside from the danc­ing open­ing vs. Hare Hare Yukai and school­girls, I see noth­ing alike but com­e­dy, which is pre­sent­ed dif­fer­ent­ly) and Azu­man­ga Daioh (under­stand­able). Lucky☆Star may not have fre­quent ran­dom moments like Azu­man­ga, but it does have its ran­dom moments nontheless.

Like this…

Nev­er expect­ed a cen­tipede that loved the smell of Tsukasa’s ears to pop out of that seashell. Muhahahahaha.

Was I the only one who want­ed to pinch Tsukasa’s cheeks when she ran to Kaga­mi scream­ing “Onee-chan!”? Oh wait… sev­en­teenslight­ly old­er than mepinch­ing cheeks only works for lit­tle kids… blah. Stu­pid loli­con-moé artstyle.

On anoth­er note, I feel sor­ry for these sev­en­teen year old girls. They don’t even have any boyfriends yet! Some­one, give em’ a boyfriend! ): Even Nanako does­n’t have a boyfriend… Is Yui the only per­son there with a husband?!

Heh… I won­der why Kona­ta does­n’t have a boyfriend yet. Would­n’t any guy give to have a mad gam­ing girl­friend? Inner­tubes are hawt.

… Also, were Kaga­mi and Tsukasa talk­ing about tam­pons in the bathing scenes? ^^; :laughs:

The dri­ver thought there was no one left on the bus… and then… HE STARTED TO SINGDANZEN! FUTARI NO [squeak] CURE!” AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS.”

That is scary…

And that isn’t the end of the scaryness…

a.f.k subbed.

I don’t get. I hon­est­ly do not get it. Orz

I’m Sukekiyo.

ftw! xD

Aki­ra flip­ping off the audi­ence ftw…

I liked how Tsukasa sung in the ED. Kona­ta join­ing in the cho­rus in the ED put a smile on my face. 😛

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  1. Kyoto Ani­ma­tion did a incred­i­ble job doing a par­o­dy of Ini­tial D. School Rum­ble did one back then for its first episode but it was noth­ing com­pared to this~

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