Got around to watch­ing Seto no Hanay­ome and read­ing the man­ga, and I have to say it’s one of the most fun­ni­est anime/manga love come­dies of all time.


OP: Roman­tic Sum­mer — SUN & LUNAR
ED: Asu he no Hikari 明日への光 — Hinoi Asu­ka

A mid­dle-school boy named Naga­su­mi Michishio and his two par­ents are on vaca­tion at his grand­ma’s house, when all of a sud­den he near­ly drowns in the Seto Inland Sea. For­tu­nate­ly for him, a mer­maid named San Seto saves him. Accord­ing to the rules of the Mer­men, when­ev­er a human dis­cov­ers a mer­maid­’s true iden­ti­ty, the said mer­maid has to die, the human has to be killed… or the solu­tion that Naga­su­mi and San choose; Naga­su­mi assim­i­lat­ing with mer­men soci­ety and get­ting mar­ried to San. Naga­su­mi must adapt to the new lifestyle he has to live in, as well as avoid­ing get­ting killed by his father-in-law, Gōz­aburō, the big boss in of a mer­maid yakuza.




Supris­ing­ly fun­ny, I have to say this is one of the good ani­me (not like some oth­er wierd, hor­ri­bly con­fus­ing, and dis­turb­ing series this sea­son… Yes, I real­ize it’s air­ing back­wards) this spring. Even though the com­e­dy is some­times chucked into your face, I real­ly feel that this brings a smile to any­one who watch­es it. San is hon­est­ly one of the cutest mer­maids I’ve ever seen, Naga­su­mi is one lucky bas­tard! And by lucky bas­tard, I mean “guy that should not be [lit­er­al­ly] touch­ing his wife if he wants to keep his balls intact”.


Man­ga­ka: Tahiko Kimu­ra
Seri­al­ized in: Gan­Gan Wing
Pub­lish­er: Square-Enix
Grade: B+

Same as above.

In my opin­ion, it’s equal­ly appeal­ing as the ani­me. Though, I have to say I like the ani­me a lit­tle bet­ter because of how much live­li­er and more col­or­ful it is than the man­ga (we also get to hear San’s super cute voice (:). Because the ani­me isn’t a crud­dy adap­tion of the man­ga, there’s no rea­son not to like it bet­ter than the man­ga, right?

Aside from that, all my opin­ions on the man­ga is the same as the ani­me, no? Well, we get beau­ti­ful, fluffy art in the man­ga, so…

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  1. Yeah this ani­me is the Bestttttttttt
    Its So fun­ny fun­ny fun­ny i love it Masa San haha­ha­ha loooooooooooooooolllllllllllllaaaaaaaaa

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