Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~ ep. 01 — “Are You a Lovedol?”

Singing, singing, and more singing…

Sum­ma­ry and thoughts:

So I came across this two days ago and thought I’d give it a try. I thought an ani­me about a bunch of girls try­ing to become pop-idols was a very unique con­cept, but it turns out that (accord­ing to what I’ve seen in the first episode) this series is amaz­ing­ly… bor­ing and weak. Every­one looked like they came out of Shuf­fle! (which is all around bet­ter than this).

First episode = incred­i­bly slow-paced. *yawn*

What this series is basi­cal­ly about a pop­u­lar group of idol singers called the “Lovedols” (a con­juc­tion of “Love­ly” and “Idol”). At the begin­ning we see the first and sec­ond “gen­er­a­tion” of Lovedols per­form­ing in a con­cert of some sort. The singing was cute and all, but it got real­ly tedious after the sec­ond minute or so. And it last­ed almost 10 MINUTES. Their voic­es are a lit­tle *too* over­ly “kawaii”. It’s annoy­ing. I could only take kawaii singing for so long. :< 

This group’s man­ag­er is Tomo­hi­ro Fuji­sawa. Right before the “third gen­er­a­tion“ ‘s debut, the pres­i­dent of the com­pa­ny deems them “not ready” and delays it. Notice how the new Lovedols are slight­ly more dif­fer­ent look­ing com­pared to what they look like in the opening?

Open­ing = Chibi and pret­ty cute.
Episode= Fanser­vice good­ness. Needs MOAR. And art­work that’s a lit­tle sim­i­lar to Shuf­fle!.

It was like an art­work jump with­in 2 minutes…

The rest of the episode revolves around the new lovedols prac­tic­ing to… WTF IS THIS?!

I may be exag­ger­at­ing and tak­ing it out of con­text, but I’m still trau­ma­tized by the lust­ful Guze no Tomog­a­ra twins in Shaku­gan no Shana. Once you’ve seen THAT much incest, you’ve hon­est­ly had enough with it. lolz My favorite series trau­ma­tized me…

Any­ways blah blah blah. Tomo­hi­ro tries to find a way to get the third gen­er­a­ton of Lovedols to get accept­ed, when he comes across a girl with l337 sing skillz.

YAY! A singing voice that’s not over­ly “kawaii”. ^____^ Or so I think… Accord­ing to her, she “sings for revenge”. “Revenge”? Stereo­typ­i­cal emo-Sasuke-ish, much? I mean, she’s all hap­py in the open­ing and end­ing! Unless she gets a dras­tic char­ac­ter change as the series progresses…

Yeesh. From what I’ve seen from the first episode, this series seems hor­ri­bly bor­ing and has un-tapped poten­tial (decent singers… bor­ing ani­me). Unless that changes, I won’t be con­tin­u­ing with this.

Here, we have shots of the char­ac­ters’ butts. Because, admit it, you guys could care less about their oth­er qualities.

OP: “Koi, Hajime Mashita” by Saku­ra Nogawa
ED: “LoveLoveLove no Sei na no yo!” by Saku­ra Nogawa/Mai Nakahara/Haruko Momoi/Yuko Goto/Minori Chihara/Kanako Sakai

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