Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ep. 01 “Pierce the Heavens with Your Drill!”

Did­n’t plan to watch it at first, but then I noticed that my watch­list was lack­ing some major mecha action. So I thought I’d try out Gur­ren Lagann.

In the dis­tant future, the humans on Earth live under­ground in civ­i­liza­tions. With fear of the walls cav­ing in on them, “dig­gers” are used to expand the vil­lages deep­er and deep­er into the ground. In Jiiha vil­lages, lives a 14-year-old dig­ger named Simon, who, on an exca­va­tion, comes across a small drill which shined a mys­te­ri­ous glow. Even though respect­ed by the vil­lage elder as being one of the best dig­gers for a boy at his age, he is shunned by some of the oth­er vil­lagers. An exam­ple of this is a trio of girls who taunt­ed him of being “gross” and “dirty”. Kam­i­na, declar­ing him­self Simon’s “ani­ki” and enrolls him in his group “The Gur­ren Brigade”, tells him to pay them no heed. Kam­i­na believes there is a world beyond the sur­face, what he and his father have seen before, and tries to bash through the ceil­ing using Simon’s drill. Caught by the elder, Kam­i­na is jailed.

After the failed attempt at escap­ing the under­ground city, Simon con­tin­ues his secret exa­va­tions only to find a mys­te­ri­ous met­al head, to which his small drill reacts upon. He comes for Kam­i­na, want­i­ng to show him what he found, only to once again be caught by the vil­lage elder.

How­ev­er, a huge earth­quake dete­ri­o­rates the vil­lage’s ceil­ing and a enor­mous robot falls in. A four­teen year old girl (hard to belive), who at the end of the episode intro­duces her­self as Yoko, with a large rifle sud­den­ly appears and fights the giant robot. Simon then takes Yoko and Kam­i­na to the big met­al face he dis­cov­ered and finds that the mys­te­ri­ous small drill he found at the begin­ning of the episode can be used to pilot the mecha. With words of encour­age­ment from Kam­i­na, Simon destroys the giant mecha. The out­come of the bat­tle has brought Simon and Kam­i­na to the out­side world, where they soon find more dan­gers ahead… And Simon lands on Yoko’s boobies.


O. M. G.™

Very fun­ny and empowering…

Kam­i­na’s words are empow­er­ing. (: The pro­logue was con­fus­ing at first.. but then I found out that it was pos­si­bly Simon in the future that was in the pro­logue. Seems to be like a real­ly big change in char­ac­ter, right? I must watch more to see how this timid, lit­tle boy becomes… a man!

Yaaa~ Too tight...

Hard to believe she’s actu­al­ly 14 years old, huh?

Sort of iron­ic how a 14-year-old could be drawn to look like she’s com­plete­ly legal, yet a cer­tain set of 17-year-olds look the com­plete opposite…

… I dun­no about you, but I laughed at this…

Black order fansub

Must. Get. Mind. Out. Gutter.

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