Stupidity of the internet is getting to me.

... no wai

No duh.

So, I was sit­ting in the streets one day, calm­ly read­ing a Card­cap­tor Saku­ra man­ga in peace. That is, until a boy, slight­ly old­er than me, I guess, came up to me and asked, “Hey, are you read­ing that Japan­ese car­toon porn? Don’t try to lie ’cause I’ve seen that on the inter­net once.

Now, instead of mock­ing him and rub­bing his stu­pid­i­ty in his face like I would nor­mal­ly do to peo­ple, I just laughed hys­ter­i­cal­ly on the ground and just let him fig­ure out his stu­pid­i­ty on his own. Hon­est­ly, I real­ly can’t change oth­ers’ IQ lev­els just like that, so I stopped try­ing a long time ago. But should­n’t it be com­mon knowl­ege that…


I’m now hon­est­ly pass the bor­der­line of believ­ing that if I gave a per­son some, for exam­ple, Poke­mon hen­tai and direct­ly say that it came from the inter­net, they would still prob­a­bly believe that the “orig­i­nal Poke­mon in Japan” is a hen­tai for adults. Actu­al­ly, I have a real exam­ple of that right on these forums, where months ago, a per­son searched up “Poke­mon porn” (yes, real­ly) on Pho­to­buck­et (don’t try per­verts, it’s delet­ed now :/) and saw an ani­mat­ed pic­ture, not even close to the style of the damn show, and thought it was from a “for­bid­den sex episode” from the ani­me. Stu­pid­i­ty at its fineness. 

I can under­stand the igno­ran­cy of peo­ple think­ing that “ani­me = hen­tai”, but think­ing that “ani­me = hen­tai” through a visu­al exam­ple on the inter­net? LOL! Hon­est­ly, if you’re going be curi­ous and want to know why peo­ple like this thing called “ani­me”, keep your search pref­er­ences on Google fil­tered, please.

How stu­pid are peo­ple in Amer­i­ca… no, peo­ple in gen­er­al (but it seems more appar­ent in Amer­i­ca), are becom­ing these days? Quite a bit, no?

4 thoughts on “Stupidity of the internet is getting to me.

  1. It’s not just from the inter­net. I remem­ber years ago (before there were even DVDs) when I told my friend I was going to rent an ani­me tape from Tow­er Records, he asked me why I was watch­ing porn.

  2. Yeah. But I think it’s kind of stu­pid how it does hap­pen on the inter­net. You’d expect them not believe every­thing they read and see on the net dur­ing Google search and what­not. The non-sen­si­ble peo­ple see hen­tai = auto­mat­i­cal­ly believes it’s the real thing. Hmm… I thank­ful­ly nev­er had any friends that thought I rent ani­me porn. lol 😛 Of course, it hap­pens to me in real life too (from strangers or peo­ple I don’t real­ly hang out with) like the exam­ple in the post, but then he said he saw it from the inter­net which made me want to go in rant-mode (and laugh… heh).

  3. In Sovi­et Rus­sia, Rule 34 shows nor­mal scenes out of pornog­ra­phy. 😛 I love those memes.It’s fun though, around here, many peo­ple do sus­pect me to watch hen­tai while I very hon­est­ly quite dis­like it a lot. Yet, they haven’t mis­tak­en any known series for a hen­tai series yet… But, even worse, they can’t dis­tin­guish between ani­me and man­ga. They see me sit­ting in front of my com­put­er watch­ing ani­me, and say “Huh, watch­ing those man­ga again??”… you can imag­ine what they say when I’m read­ing man­ga. Pfft ¬_¬

  4. @natsuneko: Haha, I came across the same. Only it was the oth­er way around…“Are those ani­me books you’re reading?!”

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