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VHS/DVDs — Hope­ful­ly the most promi­nent source to get ani­me for most of us. Hey — it’s legal, there­fore it’s jus­tice, and jus­tice is win (most of the time…). ALL HAIL JUSTICE. Any­way, it would be my main source for get­ting ani­me if I was­n’t so poor. How­ev­er, I buy and rent some of my favorite licensed series from time to time, show­ing that I’m not cheap, I just don’t have the money.

Tor­rents — Can’t go wrong with this, prob­a­bly the source for get­ting alot of the new, unli­censed series for all to enjoy. But my biggest gripe about this is that there are SO MANY DAMN LEECHERS and peo­ple who stop seed­ing the tor­rent in sec­onds after they fin­ished down­load­ing, which in the end makes the down­load much slow­er than expect­ed. Esspe­cial­ly for old­er, hard-to-find series untouched by licens­ing com­pa­nies, where the file seems to have been aban­doned by seed­ers. You could request for a reseed, but god knows how many peo­ple still have the file and if the tor­rent hosts are still alive…

IRC XDCC Bots / fserves — I pre­fer this method of get­ting media files over tor­rent­ing files any day. In the end, the speed of down­load­ing through XDCC Bots is faster than using tor­rent files, due to most of them being host­ed on high-band­width con­nec­tions. fserves… sort of annoy­ing that I have to rush through on choos­ing a file in order to not get kicked for inac­tiv­i­ty, but I guess it’s a good way to get rid of campers.

YouTube — Ugh… YouTube should ALWAYS be used as a last resort of watch­ing ani­me, or used as a first impres­sion to know if an ani­me’s good or not. The com­pres­sion that the videos have would make fan­subs hard to read (which I know many of you who are not flu­ent in Japan­ese would use). Err… I guess my bit­ter­ness against peo­ple who main­ly use YouTube to watch their ani­me, when their com­put­ers can take using IRC and Bit­Tor­rent, comes from the fact that I’ve seen many peo­ple going around like “im kewl cuz i can watch the jap­nese naru­to from youtube”. Big accom­plish­ment, losers.

Direct down­load — only had to use them sev­er­al times in my life­life. And most of them were pret­ty good qual­i­ty too. It all depends on the qual­i­ty and size of the video… Always go for the direct down­loads with .avi and .mkv files… alot of it (from what I’ve come across) is the exact same qual­i­ty you would get from fan­sub­bing sites.

Oth­er — “Other“s that I know of are off­i­cal video stream­ing sites and bootlegs. The use one, not the other.

Off­i­cal streams = good.
Bootlegs = Bad ~You are a pirate!

One thought on “Tell me your sources! ++Poll

  1. I’ve got two major sources, bit­tor­rent an Share. The good thing about these two sources is that when a new release comes out, you just know that they can be obtain­able via these two pro­grams. Irc is very handy, but some fan­sub groups and most raw groups just don’t have any bots, and look­ing for alter­na­tives can become a has­sle, same with direct down­load sites.

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