Kamen Rider Den‑O (仮面ライダー電王) ep. 01


Got the time to watch the new Kamen Rid­er series. Haven’t had the time for much Toku lately… ^^;

Toki no ressha… Den­rainaa. Tsu­gi no eki wa… kako ka… mirai ka…

The train of time… Den­Lin­er. What will the next stop be… the past.. or the future?

Ryotaro Noga­mi is a very unlucky 18-year-old boy. An exam­ple of his unluck­i­ness is at the begin­ning of the episode, which shows him stuck on top of a tree on his bike. After being beat up and had his wal­let stolen by a bunch of thugs, he dis­cov­ers the Rid­er Pass. After being accused of steal­ing a key hold­er from the leader of the thugs (Tet­suo), an Ima­g­in (a crea­ture that’s come from the future and came back to the past in order to change the future) takes con­trol of him and starts beat­ing up the thugs. Ryotaro, how­ev­er, turns out to be a “Tokuiten” (a being that can over­take the Ima­g­in inside of him) and keeps it from killing the thugs. After he trans­formed into Kamen Rid­er Den‑O to destroy the Ima­g­in that con­trolled Tet­suo, Hana (a for­mer Tokuiten and the first pas­sen­ger of the Den­Lin­er to meet Ryotaro) takes him on the Den­Lin­er for his help to main­tain the future. How­ev­er, the Ima­g­in that his Rid­er form “destroyed” is still… alive.

… A pret­ty fun­ny Kamen Rid­er series, alright. I find it inter­est­ing that in this Kamen Rid­er series, the Ima­g­in is the one fight­ing in Rid­er form (not includ­ing “Plat form”) and not the rid­er him­self, like in most of the pre­vi­ous Kamen Rid­er I’ve seen. I have to say I liked last year’s Kamen Rid­er, Kab­u­to, bet­ter for some rea­son… maybe because of the “Raidaa Kikku”? 😛 I also like the suit designs bet­ter… but that’s just me.

OP: クライマックスジャンプ Cli­max Jump

Moar Kamen Rid­er plz. lawl

2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Den‑O (仮面ライダー電王) ep. 01

  1. I also real­ly enjoyed Kab­u­to as well. But as the show pro­gress­es I’m start­ing to appre­ci­ate Den‑O as well.

  2. lol this looks so much cool­er than pow­er rangers though I got­ta admit I was real­ly into pow­er rangers when I was a kid.

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