3 thoughts on “Rotating “framehaze” banners

  1. Strange, no mat­ter how many times I keep refresh­ing, I only see two of the three ban­ners you men­tioned. It also may be a good idea to change the font col­or of “The Otaku Spot” to some­thing a bit more… readable.

  2. @psgels: The last ban­ner has the low­est prob­a­bil­i­ty of show­ing up, I’m afraid. I’ll fig­ure out a way to change that.Yeah, I fig­ured that the col­or white would­n’t be as read­able to me for some peo­ple. I’ll change the col­or after test­ing some oth­er col­ors to see what looks right.

  3. On sec­ond thought, while look­ing at the blog on Fire­fox, the text does seem to be pret­ty unread­able to me. Time to look for a font col­or that would be read­able on both browsers…

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