Sky Girls OVA

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Lots of poten­tial for some l337 mecha shou­jo action (and UHHH… loli fanser­vice?)… not enough for one lit­tle OVA episode.

Sto­ry Overview:

The back­ground sto­ry is as gener­ic and clichéd as it gets. In the year 2079, cyborgs called the WORM appeared and began wip­ing out the humans on Earth. 2 years lat­er, one-third of the human poplu­a­tion had been killed off by the WORM. This result­ed with the sur­vivors form­ing the Unit­ed Human Army. Then, in 2083, they resort­ed to using weapons of mass destruc­tion for they were unable to make the sit­u­a­tion any bet­ter… final­ly, they had destroyed all the WORM on the plan­et. How­ev­er, most of the land that exist­ed on Earth broke apart and the South Pole melt­ed over, caus­ing most of the Earth to be cov­ered in water. In addi­tion, the war had decreased 90% of the human males on the plan­et (in the mil­i­tary)… 3 years have passed, and the WORM that were thought to be destroyed for­ev­er have returned…

Being an OVA with only one episode with no con­tin­u­a­tion killed any lit­tle depth and devolope­ment of the “plot” it would’ve got, oth­er than that hor­ri­bly un-detailed back­sto­ry. I have to say that itt had a good enough premise that would make me want to see a sequel, or a TV series con­tin­u­a­tion. Though, some peo­ple say that this OVA was made up of noth­ing but pure loli-fanser­vice — I dis­agree with that belief. Or at least, I dis­agree that most of it was actu­al­ly inten­tion­al. :/ The char­ac­ters were just vic­tims of how they were drawn, just as any oth­er decent ani­me that seems to cater to the pedophiles. I mean, the main female mecha pilots seem to be old enough to be in this huge mil­i­tary-like organization. 

The ani­ma­tion was great (being an OVA series, I expect the ani­ma­tion to be some­where close to qual­i­ty work) and I found the char­ac­ter designs and art­work to be fair­ly nice. The mecha action was actu­al­ly far from hor­ri­ble, it actu­al­ly got my blood pump­ing. The mecha could use an improve­ment on the designs though, as in cov­er­ing more of the pilots’ bod­ies instead of show­ing off the ques­tion­able parts for the audi­ence’s view­ing plea­sure. >< I can only take so much. 😡

As far as char­ac­ters go, I’d say I liked Eika the most out of the three main mecha pilots. It’s either the seri­ous per­son­al­i­ty or the long, black hair that won me over. ;/ Tachibana did­n’t real­ly appeal to me as a char­ac­ter over­all… per­vert­ed mechan­ic. Ew. Stay away from Oto­ha’s [slight­ly flat] chest! >_< Speak­ing of Oto­ha, when I looked at her I got an image of Hen­ri­et­ta from Gun­slinger Girls in my head… eh, Sky Girls, Gun­slinger Girls… Go figure.

The BGM real­ly did­n’t impress me or stood out very much to me, aside from the open­ing and end­ing which I loved.

Over­all, if I were to give a grade to this OVA series, I would give it a… B+ for the good ani­ma­tion, real­ly. For the “plot”, I would have to give it an F. Good premise or not, the “plot” was­n’t any­thing intrigu­ing and left out some unan­swered ques­tions, such as:

1) What is Oto­ha’s “mys­te­ri­ous” attribute and seem­ing­ly psy­chic con­nec­tion with (ew…) Tachibana?
2) I don’t think the actu­al mis­sion of the Koryu was ever touched upon and how impor­tant it was.
3) Why the WORM want to elim­i­nate the humans and where did they actu­al­ly come from…? Hel­lo, we just coin­ci­den­tal­ly came to your plan­et… we’re gonna kill you! ^_^ Since there isn’t real­ly an expla­na­tion for this, I’ll just mark it up there in the old cliché chart: Came. Out. Of. Nowhere.
4) What deli­cious din­ner did Haya­mi come up with? lol

Bor­ing back­sto­ry, throws some good premise, and then does­n’t even con­tin­ue. NOT GOOD. It’s like those ani­me blogs that make 4 or 5 of their first posts — looks good, makes you think that it’s going to obtain good read­er­ship since it’s a good read. But the blog gets aban­doned a day after. Sad.

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