So tired and depressing

This past week has been a real ener­gy drain­er. I haven’t real­ly felt like watch­ing any of the new episodes of the ani­me on my watch­list. No, it’s not what you think. I haven’t lost inter­est in ani­me, or blog­ging — as you can plain­ly see from this past week. It’s just that I recieved some dev­as­tat­ing news on Tues­day, even though it has noth­ing, or at least indi­rect­ly, to do with me.

Accord­ing to him, my friend’s grand­moth­er died from a surgery last Fri­day night. She went through a surgery to remove a small tumor from some part of her body, a very small tumor. My friend’s fam­i­ly fig­ured she might’ve been okay, since she went through a much seri­ous surgery before and she said there was no risk. How­ev­er, they found out there must have been some sort of risk since an air bub­ble went into her throut and she start­ed to suffi­cate. She had min­utes before her time was up, how­ev­er, his fam­i­ly decid­ed to pull the plug since she was par­a­lyzed and there was noth­ing they could do. My friend feels very sad that he has lost his grand­moth­er, and I felt sad the moment I heard it because I was hav­ing a nor­mal bor­ing week­end, not know­ing what had hap­pened. Aside from my usu­al angst, it was a very big motivation-killer.

Don’t get me wrong, I did­n’t make this post to gar­ner sym­pa­thy for him, but to wish a good “rest in peace” to a fel­low human being that died recent­ly (the funer­al is today too, actu­al­ly). Always remem­ber to spend as much time with the peo­ple close to you, because they won’t be with you forever.

For those who want to know, my “friend” is actu­al­ly a min­ion guest on this blog who makes occas­sion­al posts, xXStevenLeXx.

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