My thoughts on psuedo-anime

A pan­el from VG Cats’s “Gold­en Locks” com­ic sums it up:

Now, I know all of us are aware of the Amer­i­can shows known as “wannabe ani­me”. How­ev­er, I feel that the term “wannabe ani­me” is a slight­ly neg­a­tive term to call these pieces of ani­ma­tion, con­sid­er­ing there are very good ones like Avatar and Megas XLR (to an extent).

How­ev­er, I feel that Amer­i­ca is overus­ing some Japan­ese draw­ing clichés for more than enough of their pro­grams that actu­al­ly have an ongo­ing plot. Esspe­cial­ly with Teen Titans, with their overused ani­me expres­sions and tofu — which I found very dis­tract­ing. As if I did­n’t resent it enough with their sug­ar­coat­ing of Death Stroke (a.k.a. “Slade”) and the lack of the super­heroes’ iden­ti­ties (lol Robin sleeps with span­dex on). Is it that hard to have a good Amer­i­can show with an ongo­ing plot that does­n’t rip off the Japan­ese draw­ing style? I’d like to see some more Amer­i­can shows like that with Jus­tice League-type ani­ma­tion, not rushed ani­ma­tion that looks like it was done by a cou­ple of grade school­ers (50% of the episode being a rip-off of Scoo­by-Doo’s chase-sequences with a truck­load of chibi).

It’s either that, or have more shows like the ear­ly Sponge­bob and Fos­ter’s Home for Imag­i­nary Friends, or the clas­sics such as Looney Tunes. I’ve hon­est­ly had enough of the Amer­i­can knock-offs of Mahou Shoujo. 

Seri­ous­ly, I wished these ani­ma­tors would take the time to deve­l­ope some good ani­ma­tion instead tak­ing the fast way out and cre­at­ing a f*ckload of chibi. *cough* Teen Titans *cough* I real­ly don’t watch a major­i­ty of Amer­i­can car­toons any­more because:

1) I cur­rent­ly lack cable
2) The show is very bad
3) The show is very bad and rips off some draw­ing clichés in anime

Also, watch Curi­ous George. It’s full of win. No, I’m seri­ous. lol

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