Kodomo no Jikan preview (image somewhat NWFS)

Daisuke Aoki is a grade school teacher employed at Futat­sub­ashi Ele­men­tary School and is in charge of a third garde class. How­ev­er, he is the object of affec­tion of one of his stu­dents, Rin Koko­noe, going as far as claim­ing her­self his girl­friend. Watch as he tries to avoid her sud­den advances in order for him not to lose his job.

The descrip­tion seems ques­tion­able, no? No fear, as Daisuke has a nor­mal head and does not rec­i­p­ro­cate Rin’s feel­ings, so no loli-sex here. The ani­me, set to air some time this July, will most like­ly not be licensed as the man­ga was can­celled for release for “objec­tion­able content”.

I, how­ev­er, found the man­ga to be pret­ty hilar­i­ous and look for­ward to watch­ing the ani­me. Just an inno­cent child­hood crush gone too far, and I can’t help but put a smile on my face see­ing the look on the teacher’s face try­ing to avoid a third-grader’s [ear­ly] rag­ing hormones.

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