Summer of the Anime 2007

Blog­ging is hard on an emp­ty heart… school is over and I cur­rent­ly miss… uhhh… things.

  • Armored Troop­er Votoms: Pailsen Files (Ani­ma­tion: ???) — July ??, 2007 
  • Bac­cano! (Ani­ma­tion: Brains-Base) — July 26th, 2007 
  • Bokusat­su Ten­shi Dokuro-chan 2 (Ani­ma­tion: Hal Film Mak­er) — August 11th, 2007 
  • Buzzer Beat­er 2007 (Ani­ma­tion: TMS Enter­tain­ment) — July 3rd, 2007 
  • CODE‑E (Ani­ma­tion: Stu­dio DEEN) — July 3rd, 2007 
  • Dou­jin Work (Ani­ma­tion: REMIC) — July 3rd, 2007 
  • Fight Tension☆School (Ani­ma­tion: ???) — July 7th, 2007 
  • Hap­py Hap­py Clover (Ani­ma­tion:???) — July 6th, 2007 
  • Hig­urashi no Naku Koroni Kai (Ani­ma­tion: Stu­dio DEEN) — July 6th, 2007 
  • KARAS Sto­ry 4 (Ani­ma­tion: Tat­sunoko [Thanks to Hel­lKo­rn]) — June 22nd, 2007 
  • Kenko Zen­rakei Suieibu Umisho (Ani­ma­tion: Art­land) — July 3rd, 2007 
  • Kodomo no Jikan (Ani­ma­tion: Stu­dio Barcelona) — July ??, 2007 
  • Moetan (Ani­ma­tion: Actus) — July 8th, 2007 
  • Mononoke (Ani­ma­tion: Toei Ani­ma­tion) — July 12th, 2007 
  • Mushi-Uta (Ani­ma­tion: Beat Frog) — July 5th, 2007 
  • Nanatsuiro★Drops (Ani­ma­tion: Stu­dio Barcelona) — July 2nd, 2007 
  • Potemayo (Ani­ma­tion: J.C.Staff) — July 6th, 2007 
  • Say­onara Zetsubo Sen­sei (Ani­ma­tion: SHAFT) — July 8th, 2007 
  • School Days (Ani­ma­tion: TNK) — July 3rd, 2007 
  • Shig­u­rui (Ani­ma­tion: MADHOUSE) — July 19th, 2007 (PV: July 1st, 2007) 
  • Sky Girls (TV) (Ani­ma­tion: J.C.Staff) — July 5th, 2007 
  • Tet­suko’s Trip (Ani­ma­tion: Group TAC) — June 24th, 2007 
  • Tokyo Majin Gakuen Ken­pu­cho: Tou 2nd Act (Ani­ma­tion: AIC Spir­its) — July 27th, 2007 
  • Zero no Tsukaima ~Futat­su­ki no Kishi~ (Ani­ma­tion: J.C.Staff) — July 13th, 2007 
  • Zom­bie-Loan (Ani­ma­tion: XEBEC M2) — July 3rd, 2007
  • List of ani­me I’m plan­ning to blog (if any of them are awful, or just not inter­est­ing enough, then they’ll be dropped or I’ll keep on blog­ging them just to poke fun at them :3):

    Bac­cano is Ital­ian for noise, but Nari­ta trans­lates it as “stu­pid com­mo­tion.” Each of the sto­ries in the series involves sev­er­al unre­lat­ed plots inter­sect­ing and cross­ing each oth­er as events spi­ral far­ther and far­ther out of con­trol. Immor­tal alchemists, mafia oper­at­ed speakeasies, and many oth­er ele­ments of pulp fic­tion mashed togeth­er for a world straight out of the movies.

    Seems epicly crazy enough. And just for the fact that it’s based on a light nov­el, which of late have very great ani­me adap­tions, I’m con­fi­dent of it.

    Dou­jin Work!
    The sto­ry is about a girl named Naji­mi Osana who learns more and more about the dou­jin world. She is con­vinced that she wants to be a dou­jin artist due to see­ing what her friend could make at a con­ven­tion. She loves to draw but finds that it is more dif­fi­cult to com­pre­hend after all. After mak­ing friends with some inter­est­ing peo­ple, they teach her the ins and outs of the field, and maybe she will even­tu­al­ly make a name for mak­ing doujinshi.

    If the sto­ry’s about artists — then I’m auto­mat­i­cal­ly in. I love to draw dou­jin­shi (and some orig­i­nal works…) and this is some­thing I can eas­i­ly relate to. Now, if only I had a scanner…

    I actu­al­ly don’t know much about this series yet. It has to do with some dream-eat­ing insects and a boy that meets some girl from some sort of organization.

    But it looks interesting…

    … It’s moé and it teach­es Japan­ese peo­ple Eng­lish. 8D Not real­ly necce­sary for me… but it should make me warm inside nonetheless.

    Haven’t watched much mag­i­cal girl series anymore,if not at all (the clos­est I’ve come to that would be a rewatch of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra :0). Plus, it’s an adap­tion of an eroge illus­trat­ed by Noizi ito, one of my favorite artists — whose art tran­si­tion from light nov­el to ani­me has been a good one (tak­ing a look at The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya and Shaku­gan no Shana). I’ll like to see where this ani­me goes in the direc­tion of art-style (which looks pur­ty right now…) and animation.

    I love MADHOUSE and I love extreme samu­rai shows. Looks his­tor­i­cal (all his­tor­i­cal ani­me I’ve seen have made me feel a whole range of emo­tions one way or another).

    All we need is a his­tor­i­cal NINJA ani­me. By that, I mean an ani­me focused on the assas­sins of feu­dal Japan, with some decent his­tor­i­cal accu­ra­cy. And I’m not talk­ing about an idiot in orange paja­mas yern­ing to be lord of his village.

    KARAS Sto­ry 4 seems to be a def­i­nite must-watch too, judg­ing by the descrip­tion of the OAV (tak­en from WikiPedia because I’m just that lazy): The world of the humans and the world of the demons (youkai) have over­lapped one anoth­er, leav­ing humans to walk the streets of life as they nor­mal­ly would, while demons walk, hid­den from the naked eye, down the very same streets. A young woman named Yurine, and her ser­vant Karas, have long main­tained order and bal­ance between the over­lapped worlds, ulti­mate­ly keep­ing the demons from inter­rupt­ing the lives of humans. How­ev­er, humans have come to for­get and jest at the exis­tence of demons, and no longer under­stand the priv­i­lege it is to live with­out fear. Dis­gust­ed by this arro­gance, an old Karas turns his back on the laws he had once upheld, and takes the form of a human named Eko, while cre­at­ing an army of Miku­ra, or mech­a­nized demons, to ready an attack on the human race.

    A young man named Oto­ha inher­its the pow­ers of the Karas and takes his place at the side of Yurine, who claims that his soul called out for her while he lived the life of a human. They live in the world of the demons. It is now up to Oto­ha to prove him­self as a Karas, and restore the bal­ance that Eko threat­ens to upset.

    Mean­while, a super­sti­tious police offi­cer named Sag­isa­ka and his ratio­nal new recruit, Kure, fol­low the trail of the mur­ders dealt by Eko’s Miku­ra, as well as the trail of a good demon turned human named Nue. The prophe­cy unfolds from here…

    Sum­mer looks like it’s going to be fun. A lit­tle. But that’s just the ani­me por­tion of sum­mer. Oth­er than that… it does­n’t look to be very great. :/

    Edit — On an unre­lat­ed note, why does the font on the blog look all large now? lol
    Edit 2 — Fixed

    2 thoughts on “Summer of the Anime 2007

    1. Hmm, a lot of inter­est­ing stuff that I had­n’t heard of, since I’ve been too busy catch­ing up on old and R1 anime.Doujin Work is scream­ing sub­tle self-ref­er­ence (like what KyoAni likes to do with Lucky Star), but sounds inter­est­ing also for the premise of it. An ani­me about dou­jin­shi about ani­me. Will have to keep an eye on that one.As for Nana Drops, all I can real­ly say is, what? From what I’ve read it seems that the orig­i­nal is a mag­i­cal girl eroge (per­son­al­ly, a strange com­bi­na­tion) about some guy who turns into a … sheep doll. Again, I’d put it under ‘crazy idea s that just might work’. Also, give that girl green eyes and a star rod and, hmm, a Saku­ra look-alike almost, to me.One ani­me I’d like to bring up in addi­tion is School Days, some­thing that sounds like a sim­ple bor­ing love tri­an­gle-shape-thing but some­times bor­ing things cam be inter­est­ing (think of all the harem ero­ges out there). IIRC though there was some inter­est­ing stuff in it, at least in the GIF files from the orig­i­nal I saw float­ing around the net.-CCY(not as long as it looks, I swear)

    2. Oh, I for­got about School Days because I was in a rush to eat. lol xD I clicked on an embed­ded clip from the H‑game (not know what it was) and it was pret­ty dis­turb­ing to say the least… the art looked nice though. ^^; Of course, since the ani­me is going to be a non-hen­tai adap­tion of a hen­tai game, I might be able to enjoy it since I quite enjoyed Kanon and AIR (not fin­ished with it yet… lol).Nice obser­va­tion, she would look like Saku­ra by chang­ing those two fea­tures. lolI’d like to see if they’ll insert some ref­er­ences in Dou­jin Works, because it has alot of potential.

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