Stuck on Shakugan no Shana DS game

Okay, I’m play­ing the Shana DS game right now and I’m obvi­ous­ly stuck if the title did­n’t already give it away. When I start­ed the game it seemed to take on the effect of a visu­al nov­el. I have very lim­it­ed Japan­ese skills so I don’t know what the heck is going on and what to do on that lit­tle spin­ning thing.

… Aside from that pain, the biggest pain is lis­ten­ing to the screechy BGM due to it being too sexy for my youknowwha­ton­the­com­put­er… (you know what I’m talk­ing about). Actu­al­ly, it’s the first RO… youknowwhat I ever got to play and work on it. Oh joy? *clap* I think I should­n’t even both­er any­more… I’d be absolute­ly thank­ful if some­one were to make a fan­sub of the game like the mass amount of untrans­lat­ed visu­al nov­els since the game does­n’t seem to be com­ing to the US any­time soon. That’d be dandy. ^^; … But I guess web­servers can’t take it due to the sup­posed bat­tle sys­tem in the game. ): Come to the US soon please! Or at least give me some light on what to do on that spin­ny thing. >_>;

Um, if some­one were kind enough and actu­al­ly played the game (or not), could some­one tell me what’s it about and if it’s based on the light nov­els or has a sto­ry of its own? Because that was cer­tain­ly nev­er made clear to me!

I man­aged to take a few sexy screen­shots though…

Seems to be such a nice game if only I under­stood most of it!

Edit: Nev­er­mind. Found out that the game does­n’t fol­low the light nov­el­’s story.

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