Lucky Star 10 — Aspiration

The show has got­ten much fun­nier than when it first started.

I think slow­ly, but sure­ly I’m becom­ing a Tsukasa fan­boy. At first it was all about Kona­ta and Kaga­mi, but Tsukasa’s been grow­ing on me. Pret­ty fast… Miyu­ki does­n’t get much love yet unfortunately.

The scenes where Tsukasa was play­ing with her cell phone’s text mes­sag­ing made me absolute­ly gid­dy. Haven’t you ever felt the same when­ev­er you learned some­thing new? Like you want to try it again and again and again and again and again? Same thing hap­pened to me in real life… when I first touched a cell­phone, I was already famil­iar with call­ing peo­ple on home­phones. But I did­n’t both­er call­ing any­one on the cell­hone, I was busy play­ing with the built-in cam­era. lol

I’m also curi­ous as to the mes­sages in Kagami’s phone. Hmmmmmm…

the Kona­ta pr0n that i sent her *KagamiXKonataish*

Us otaku would give any­thing to have a room like Konata’s desu. I mean just look at it one­gai, it’s half the size of a hob­by store sug­oi! That’s say­ing alot desu. Fig­urines, dou­jin­shi, Haruhi poster and Miku­ru Wait­ress PVC ftw!

Did any­one get the feel­ing that aside from mak­ing a fun show, it’s also KyoAni’s free tick­et to self-plu­g­ins after episode 5? Oh real­ly? Then it’s just me then.

I’d give any­thing for the abil­i­ty to own at Mar­vel vs. Cap­com while hav­ing the awe­some “OMFG SLITS FOR EYES” mode on.

Of course, peo­ple like Kaga­mi would­n’t be impressed. Pssh.

If you could read this you have lost.”

I bet Konata’s absolute­ly l337 in chatrooms.

Konata’s dad is awe­some. He stays at home, watch­es ani­me, plays dat­ing sims and life games, and is a l337 pho­tog­ra­ph­er. On top of that, he made a Fate/Stay Night ref­er­ence! He’s a dad all of us otaku could dream about having.

But, in the end, he actu­al­ly just fuck­ing scares me. What? That there is a descrip­tion that just screams crazylolipedo.

I’m suprised Kaga­mi and Tsukasa man­aged through the night. =/

If I were Tsukasa I would’ve wished “No home­work no home­work no home­work”. Now that’s a dream to live for. At least at the last minute. lol

This was so cute!

Nev­er had a chance to have a hair swap with my sib­lings… prob­a­bly because 1) nev­er thought about it and 2) cur­rent­ly, we both have the same hair­styles. And I don’t have any rib­bons so I can’t take my baby sis­ter’s hair­style. *slits*

Did­n’t know what the hell this was. But it did­n’t make it any less awesome.

I love you Kaga­mi-sama. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you suki da yo. My mas­ter, Kagami-sama.

Sebas­t­ian gets no love.

Instead, he gets praise for his *clap* won­der­ful speech about tsun­deres. Sebas­t­ian must be hap­py for his extend­ed set of lines instead of squirm­ing in fear around the demon known as Aki­ra. I can’t blame him, either.

I want YOU
to join ME
in the SOS Brigade!
Uncle Sam wants you in the army.
It’s a loli! Get her!
omfg?! You faps?!!!
I see you masturbating.

I’d tap that.
GTFO of my Japan.

Sōjirō. Still. Scares. the. ****. Out. Of. Muh. Konata’s moth­er is actu­al­ly a real­ly pret­ty lady though. ^^; lol

He gets off easy because almost all the grown women in Lucky Star are loli. ):

3 thoughts on “Lucky Star 10 — Aspiration

  1. Alright, we’ve got anoth­er one in the Tsukasa ranks! 😀 Too bad that she still comes in third on the offi­cial (and by offi­cial I mean more than 1000 votes) AoMM poll. Near­ly beat­en by Aki­ra, too.Sometimes I won­der how KyoAni choos­es their ref­er­ences though. The Haruhi ones are obvi­ous (self-ref­er­ence), but why Kooh (Pangya girl with golf club) and…whoever that is to the left of her? XD Maybe this show just exists to make us otaku feel bet­ter when we rec­og­nize something.I think it’d be strange to have a father like Konata’s dad; although it’d be neat to have a father with the same obses­sions, in the end you’d end up can­did­ly talk­ing about eroge or some­thing. With your par­ents. And that’s just o_O.Finally, much win­ning of inter­net. on the poem for the Shi­raishi Wants YOU screencap. ^^

  2. @CCYoshi: lol Yeah. Jason real­ly needs to screw with that poll and make Tsukasa win. ): lol j/k xDThat girl next to Kooh actu­al­ly remind­ed me of Eclair from Kid­dy Grade… but that’s just me.Oh god, this show does make me happy.

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