Ever17 ‑the out of infinity-

Played this game through a tri­al ver­sion, so I did­n’t get the full expe­ri­ence. How­ev­er, I have to say that the visu­al nov­el­’s sto­ry cap­tured my inter­est and made me want to keep play­ing through the day. How­ev­er, when all these ran­dom, out-of-place scenes start­ed to appear, I knew it was the end of my adventure.

The sto­ry is about a group of sev­en peo­ple strand­ed in an under­wa­ter-themed amuse­ment park. You either play as a guy named Takeshi or a boy who does­n’t know what his name is or any of his past. I’m not giv­ing any cru­cial details as to not ruin the expe­ri­ence for peo­ple who plan to play it (find­ing out any small details in the sto­ry before play­ing it can ruin the read of any visu­al nov­el!). And due to sheer lazi­ness. Just so you know, I played as Takeshi.

The tri­al ver­sion lets you get famil­iar with the char­ac­ters’ per­son­al­i­ties, not get­ting any deep­er than that. And as a tri­al ver­sion, I did­n’t expect the sto­ry to end, it end­ed in a cliffhang­er. Although I felt a sense of urgency giv­ing as the char­ac­ter only have about 5 days to live. Over­all, it was a nice read and I would buy it if I ever came across the full ver­sion some­where else.

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  1. haha though i dun­no what game is that… nice screen­shots tho! lucky you. u got the trail ver­sion @@ lucky stars rock!! im on episode 7 now. lol. chas­ing to you soon xD thanks for post­ing! like­wise im post­ing here too xD

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