Lucky Star 11 — Ways to Spend Christmas Eve

What’s the best way to spend Christ­mas Eve? Send­ing let­ters to that fat jol­ly prawler that breaks into your house and gives you free stuff.

Or bet­ter yet, watch­ing an episode of a Kyo-plu­g­in show… now with less plugins!

I nev­er slept in a bus/train/subway before. Main­ly because I tend to avoid pub­lic trans­porta­tion because most of the time the only seats avail­able are cov­ered in dog/baby/old peo­ple crap. Only on school field trips but those usu­al­ly keep me awake.

I’m also para­noid I might be vio­lat­ed by those chikan due to read­ing a descrip­tion of a very dis­turb­ing eroge Rapelay (NFWS!!!). I’m suprised a per­son drawn like Kona­ta made it through these kinds of things, esspe­cial­ly in Japan where chikan (obvi­ous­ly) run wild.

… Wait, isn’t that a lit­tle hyp­o­crit­i­cal? Kona­ta was prac­ti­cal­ly ALL OVER that man (which, by the way, I’ve noticed stands out amoungst the oth­ers lol). Weren’t they just talk­ing about how annoy­ing it was when old peo­ple lean on them on pub­lic trans­porta­tion? Oh well. That’s what makes it funny.

Oooh I hate it when that hap­pens! Kona­ta got her seat stolen! That hap­pened quite a few times to me back in ele­men­tary school… Go up to sharp­en a pencil/get paper for 6 sec­onds, and then some­one’s in my seat want­i­ng to “talk to their friends”. Pssh.

… Wow, I can relate to Lucky Star. Does that make me a loser?

lol Kona­ta and Kaga­mi-sama stud­ied for the same amount of time for once in this episode. 4 hours? Not that long, but it’s long for Konata.

I loved Tsukasa’s facial expres­sions in this episode, esspe­cial­ly when she goes like o___o. It’s so cute. This whole episode remind­ed me of the man­ga for some rea­son, because usu­al­ly we get this, but then we get this which looks like this.

… San­ta Claus is fake?! My dreams are ruined! I thought you loved me Tsukasa! ;___;

This scene gave me a good laugh.

The inside joke here is that Kaga­mi-sama vis­its her sis­ter’s class a lit­tle too much, lead­ing to the stu­dents adress­ing her by her first name.

I also see some side char­ac­ters with actu­al speak­ing roles, notably Misao (voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara)! ^^

Moé and their fear of dentists…

Haha, I just noticed that Miyu­ki seems to get alot of cavaties. ^^;

I got kind of scared for a minute there when Kona­ta sort of implied that she had a date, but I knew that was­n’t the case! San­ta cos­play ftw.

… Is any­one else sort of freaked out that main­ly guys go to that cos­play café? Are guys, like, 90% of the pop­u­la­tion of nerds? Or are they just there to check out the cos­play waitresses?

This lit­tle boy wants to sit on San­ta’s lap. 


No, I’m not being seri­ous, you sicko.

As Hecate would put it, “fill me up with your love­ly thoughts” Kagami-sama. 

I’m still not being seri­ous, you sicko. Actu­al­ly, no, these com­ments make me sort of the sicko here… Oh well. *shrug*

But ever since I was lit­tle, I’ve always thought San­ta Claus was total­ly tres­pass­ing.”

That’s what I’ve thought all along. Go Kona­ta! Of course, he gives me free stuff for being a good lit­tle boy, so I did­n’t real­ly mind. He’s a respectable prawler.


Haha. I’d love to have a friend like Kona­ta, always mak­ing cracks about peo­ples’ breasts and what­not. X) I’m actu­al­ly suprised at the size of Miyuk­i’s bust too, not because it’s “big”, it’s because you can actu­al­ly see it unlike the rest of the Lucky Star cast. *head­shot*

I actu­al­ly don’t mind when­ev­er my cup noo­dles get sog­gy. Why? Because I always have the abil­i­ty to eat it all up with one chug, and it gives me that feel-good feeling…

Did any­one else notice that par­tic­u­lar cup­noo­dle changed from “CURRY” to “SEAFOOD” with­in a few frames? IT’S A TRANSFORMER GET IT! >:0

Here comes my favorite scene out of the whole episode. Konata’s dad tries to make clear on who has the author­i­ty in the house because, even though Kona­ta said she’ll be com­ing home late, she came home too late… but then…

Mer­ry Christ­mas! Here’s your Christ­mas present dad­dy!”
”;___; It looked cold out­side, why don’t you sit down and have a cup of hot tea? I’m so hap­py I could die.”


To tell you the truth, Konata’s dad has giv­en me the biggest laughs out of the whole episode.

Sen­sei was online that night? Kind of hard to believe, because I expect­ed a per­son like her to…

Oh yeah. That’s right. “SINGLE”.

Hmmm… I won­der if Kon­a’s dad would’ve been avail­able that night. 😉


Sta­t­ic shocks always get me every­time, when I least expect it.


The high­light of the episode. Konata’s dad has algolagnia. 

Over­all, a very fun episode. Two thumbs up. I seem to get very attached to this ani­me as the days go by.

Looks like Aki­ra is going to be in the next episode…


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