Stop watching your anime on YouTube you Narutards!

Slight pro­fan­i­ty ahead, not for the slight­ly squimish. A slight rant ahead, not for the slight-rant haters.

I am get­ting a wee-bit upset, no, p*ssed at not only my friends’ Naru­to-fan­boy­ism but Naru­tards in gen­er­al. Why you ask? Because most of them are annoy­ing, obnox­ious, and irri­tat­ing, mak­ing the only good Naru­to fans look bad. Not to men­tion they con­stant­ly b*tch about an Eng­lish dub they con­stant­ly com­pare to the Japan­ese subs that they watched on, you guessed it, YouTube. They think they’re oh-so-cool that they have access to the Japan­ese ver­sion of an ani­me. Well guess what freaks, I GOT FRIKKENACCESS TO THEM TOO. Most of the pub­lic do. They just need the brain cam­pac­i­ty to work a Bit­Tor­rent or IRC client. Or maybe, just maybe, they buy the UNCUT DVDs (THAT’S RIGHT! UNCUT OMFG that is liek so amaz­ing) instead of pirat­ing the show from YouTube, which isn’t all that amaz­ing unless it’s uncom­mon to search “Naru­to episode eng­lish subbed sasuke and naru­to secks”. That’s the last thing you could brag about.

And also…

First of all, the Eng­lish Naru­to dub isn’t all that bad. It’s actu­al­ly not a bad dub period.

Naru­to’s voice is annoying!!!

Naru­to’s an annoy­ing char­ac­ter, so why not have an annoy­ing voice?

Believe it!” is annoy­ing!

“Dat­te­bayo” is twice as annoy­ing when you actu­al­ly under­stand the damn lan­guage you weaboo.

dey cut out naru­to and sasuke kissing!!!111 (fan­girl dialect)

That scene was unneed­ed and dis­turb­ing in the first place. It still hap­pened in the Eng­lish dub, but we did­n’t need to see it. I don’t care what you SasuNaru (or what­ev­er port­man­teau this pair­ing uses) fan­girls think of me, most of you are fat and ugly shota fans that I can care less about. Yes, that’s an exag­ger­a­tion, because I know most of you are hot.

4Kids should­n’t have dubbed it!

4Kids nev­er dubbed it sir-or-maddam-who-claims-to-be-a-Naruto-fan-but-doesn’t-even-bother-researching-its-English-dub-let-alone-pay-attention-to-the-damn-credits-that-has-that-giant-‘VIZ”-logo a.k.a retard.

it’s as bad as the one piece dub lawl. (A, what a suprise, YouTube comment)

You’re an idiot.

the best nin­jas ever.

Nin­ja don’t wear bright orange jump­suits and yell out their attacks in the open.


And news­flash: Naru­to was­n’t real­ly all that amaz­ing in the Japan­ese ver­sion either. Sure, the first arc sets upon an arguably awe­some premise that wast­ed it’s poten­tial a few episodes after. The first bat­tles felt alot more nin­ja-like, in my opin­ion. I kept on watch­ing it for what it was, but a long time after, slow­ly and slow­ly, I began to real­ize and said to myself: “Hey, Naru­to seems to take alot of ele­ments out of DBZ… it does­n’t real­ly feel any dif­fer­ent from all the oth­er typ­i­cal shounen ani­me out there.” There and then, that became my opin­ion of the show. And was I wrong? I don’t think so. It DOES seem to take alot of plot ele­ments from DBZ and change them around a lit­tle bit.

Jiraiya = Muten Rôshi
Naruto/Sasuke rival­ry = Son Goku/Vegeta rival­ry (their rela­tion­ship start­ed bit­ter towards each oth­er but then they start­ed to warm up)
sasuke turns 2 teh dark side = An extend­ed ver­sion of Majin Veg­e­ta
Kyu­u­bi = Super Saiyajin

Masashi Kishi­mo­to even admit­ted that he was inspired by DBZ somewhat.

I also quit the ani­me quite deep with­in the filler sagas and tried out Ship­pū­den but then dropped it when I real­ized it still was­n’t my cup of tea. I also quit the man­ga because hon­est­ly, the dragged-out sto­ry start­ed to bore me after a long time of fol­low­ing it. I would’ve kept on read­ing the man­ga just for the art­work, but even that’s got­ten bland since Kishi­mo­to DOESN’T EVEN DRAW IT ANYMORE (real­ly lost the bit of charm it had when he was draw­ing it). A series that has a poten­tial­ly awe­some world and a set of hor­ri­bly ignored side char­ac­ters, ruined by the man­ga­ka author with his hor­ri­ble writ­ing. Sure, it has pret­ty decent action, but there are tons of series out there with even bet­ter action. STOP SHOVINGNARUTO IS THE BESTEST ANIMEIN MY FACE!

Over­all, Naru­to has a pret­ty retard­ed fan­base (as if no one knows that already…). I hope all your Naru­to episodes get delet­ed on YouTube. :/ Some­one tell me when the sto­ry picks up and actu­al­ly meets my stan­dards. I just don’t enjoy it as much as I used to… For those who are still blog­ging Naru­to, I respect you alot. I real­ly do. You sit through some hor­ri­bly-paced episodes, maybe even decent ones, and you nev­er give up. Dili­gence. And to the Naru­to fans that are actu­al­ly diverse with their ani­me out­side of the stuff on TV, Bleach, and Death Note (which I’ve found alot of Naru­tards to be famil­iar with for some rea­son…), I will for­ev­er love you.

The Naru­to rant aside, on to watch­ing ani­me on YouTube and YouTube in general.


Or, at least, for series you can eas­i­ly get and if it’s for review pur­pos­es. It’s okay if you’re there to rewatch a cer­tain series that are unli­censed, those of which you don’t want to both­er down­load­ing again (although that makes me ques­tion why you delet­ed them from your hardrive in the first place). Esspe­cial­ly since most of the videos on there have such hor­ri­ble qual­i­ty. Actu­al­ly, the only good qual­i­ty video I’ve seen on YouTube is this:

But now, videos like that can nev­er be uploaded on there ever again because YouTube made a clear point that “ALL UR 100MB VIDEOS R BELONG 2 US” . Seri­ous­ly. there are much bet­ter sites out there, such as Stage6. YouTube still has alot of great videos though, but it’s just not there for peo­ple who want decent video qual­i­ty. Or anime.


8 thoughts on “Stop watching your anime on YouTube you Narutards!

  1. Wel­come to the world of ear­ly-2000s DBZ fan­dom, where the intel­li­gent and ratio­nal voic­es (which, though few, exist) are drowned in a sea of stu­pid. Only, Naru­to seems to have it worse since not only are the fans below aver­age above the shoul­ders, but the progress in tech­nol­o­gy gives them both a greater sense of enti­tle­ment and a mil­i­tant advo­ca­cy of the Japan­ese ver­sion (which they can nei­ther under­stand nor tru­ly appre­ci­ate for what it is).I once had a friend (inci­den­tal­ly, her­self an avowed Sasuke/Naruto slash­er) com­plain about the Eng­lish dub when it first came out. As a One Piece fan, it took every ounce of willpow­er not to punch the ingrate in the face. When you have an Eng­lish dub that already caters to the fanboy/fangirl crowd by sprin­kling Japang­lish lib­er­al­ly regard­less of whether it’s need­ed, and even attempt­ing to trans­late dat­te­ba yo, fer chris­sakes (the phrase, as any flu­ent speak­er can tell you, is more often than not an atten­tion-get­ting device used by chil­dren who are being ignored for a rea­son by their par­ents), it takes a boat­load of elit­ism, not to men­tion stu­pid­i­ty, to crit­i­cize it. Which I guess is why that very thing happens.Now, bad dubs do hap­pen to good shows, and for that rea­son, I am very glad that One Piece has been giv­en a sec­ond chance by FUNi­ma­tion (some­thing I could nev­er have imag­ined say­ing dur­ing the hey­day of FUNi-bash­ing back in 2000 or so). Some­times, though, I think series like Naru­to are treat­ed bet­ter than their fans deserve.

  2. Ah, amen on Funi­ma­tion get­ting the rights One Piece.Fun­ny how an ani­me with the bad fan­base gets the good dub (unap­pre­ci­at­ed at that) and the oth­er way around. Irony at its finest.

  3. … For those who are still blog­ging Naru­to, I respect you alot. I real­ly do. You sit through some hor­ri­bly-paced episodes, maybe even decent ones, and you nev­er give up. Dili­gence.. “LOL.. I only watched the first saga of naru­to and I thought it was good. I haven’t con­tin­ued it since I got oth­er good titles on my hard dri­ve. And it’s good too that I haven’t encoun­tered these kinds of fans you were talk­ing about. 😀

  4. @ Dar­ren: Yeah, the first saga I enjoyed quite a bit also. ^^As for the bad fans, an easy way to NEVER encounter them is to stay away/read opin­ions from those bad com­mu­ni­ties like YouTube or some Naru­to forums/sections in Ani­me forums. Sure, the good Naru­to fans have good opin­ions, but most like­ly the bad fans will over­shad­ow the good ones, esspe­cial­ly the newcomers.

  5. 4Kids nev­er dubbed it sir-or-maddam-who-claims-to-be-a-Naruto-fan-but-doesn’t-even-bother-researching-its-English-dub-let-alone-pay-attention-to-the-damn-credits-that-has-that-giant-‘VIZ”-logo a.k.a retard.So true, now see if any of them know who the dub direc­tor is 😛

  6. Want to know what’s even more retard­ed? The group that puts out fan­subs of Naru­to does­n’t even want it’s subs on YouTube, but the retard­ed Naru­to fans keep putting the shit up because they don’t give a damn about the peo­ple who actu­al­ly sub it, and recent­ly the group seems to have got­ten pissed off about it(along with sev­er­al oth­er things), and threat­ened to stop fan­sub­bing it.I frig­gin hate it when dumb Naru­to fans on the net flaunt that they “watch the Japan­ese Naru­to on YouTube”. In my eyes, they might as well be insult­ing them­selves. Get into Bit­tor­rent or IRC. Seed the damn file for a bit, or show the fan­sub­bers some love.What’s even fun­nier than this? I am a Naru­to fan, and I can’t stand the rest of the fan­base. It’s like watch­ing 4 year olds talk politics.

  7. (Com­ment by an anon that I decid­ed to move over to this blog because it was post­ed on my old blog­ger blog…):
    Hey, we can always report each and every Youtube episode and try to get the peo­ple who post it banned from Youtube and slammed with copy­right infringement.

  8. omfg LOL i know way too many naru­tards­for my own good. i think its start­ing to rub off on me! I hate that they use Hina­ta like a sex toy in edit­ed videos. Wack off to anoth­er char­ac­ter Jerks!!!!!!!

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