The Video Game of Haruhi Suzumiya

Right from Kotaku! This blog­ger also has it up too, before me.

Yup. A new The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya PSP game is set to be released on July 10th (9 days after my birth­day!) by Bandai Nam­co (coin­ci­dence that Bandai was the one that licensed it in the US, hm? 😉 Maybe this game will see the light of day in the US after all).

All I have to say is… why PSP? I was hop­ing for more of a Haruhi DS game, since I feel they could do alot with the DS’s fea­tures. I’m not too fond of the PSP either (note: I’m NOT a Nin­ten­do fan­boy). Oh well.

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  1. Bit of cross-com­ment­ing here ^^Yeah, it seems like a strange thing for Haruhi to not at the least be cross-plat­form. I can under­stand the PSP release (almost) as many ren’ai games are released on that plat­form (for some unknown rea­son), but I think the DS would be a good sell­er as well.Maybe Bandai does­n’t want anoth­er Doki­do­ki pan­ic on their hands, (get that? it’s a pun.) as I can’t imag­ine the amount of peo­ple who want to get their hands (sty­lus­es) all over Miku­ru 😛 I know in the Lucky Star game for DS that you could touch them like that, at any rate. The Haruhi license might be pret­ty strict — it’s why we can’t get broad­cast order on the R1s.But that’s just incred­i­bly, incred­i­bly ram­pant spec­u­la­tion as I would pre­fer a DS release as well. At least both porta­bles are region-free.I doubt a US release, but I can dream, at least of an Eng­lish option a la Phoenix Wright (speak­ing of Doki­do­ki, it might be going that way as well, quite promising…)

  2. @Cardcaptor Yoshi: Sort of unre­lat­ed, but has Doki­Do­ki been con­firmed to be an ero-game? Because I’ve been rant­i­ng on and on about how peo­ple jumped to con­clu­sions just because it had a slice of loli and a touch­pad. :PTouch­pad Haruhi! Play as Haruhi and you get to caress Miku­ru in all sorts of fun areas and dress her up in a mei­do cos­tume. *_* lol­For an Eng­lish option like the Japan­ese ver­sions of the Gyakuten Saiban DS games… I guess for Haruhi they would just trans­late the text and keep the voice act­ing (like most visu­al nov­els… if this game will *have* voice act­ing that is) because I doubt they’d go to the trou­ble and round up the Eng­lish voice actors (much more hard­er than import­ing the “OBJECTION!”/“HOLD IT!”/“TAKE THAT” sound­bites into a game), even though that would be sweet.

  3. Well, I did some research, and as far as I know Doki­do­ki isn’t tech­ni­cal­ly an ero game, because Nin­ten­do would prob­a­bly clamp down on it in that case, but it still has TEH LOLI BEWBIES!!ONE!!1! and you can touch them so it gets a rep as that. Because, I sup­pose, it is still quite a risque game in com­par­i­son to most oth­ers on the mar­ket — i.e. there haven’t been any hen­tai DS games AFAIK (I won’t ask to be proved wrong…), while I know Sony cleared the PSP for such stuff.There’s actu­al­ly sup­posed to be oth­er stuff to the game oth­er than OMG TOUCHING, but they (the pub­lish­ers) know and we know that’s what peo­ple are going to be look­ing for, so that’s what’s get­ting drummed up. >_<I’m not sure who would use the Eng­lish VAs giv­en the choice, as I think the Eng­lish text + Japan­ese VAs would be plen­ty — but I sup­pose you know more about Phoenix Wright than I do because I just heard of the Eng­lish option, did­n’t know it had Eng­lish voic­es (for all of 2 quotes, as it is) as well. I would imag­ine the Eng­lish voic­es would eat up too much space, any­way, even if they want­ed to do it. If they want Eng­lish voic­es in their game that bad­ly they can release a sep­a­rate US ver­sion. :D…*sigh*

  4. Haruhi has always been quite pop­u­lar but the ref­er­ences to the series in Lucky Star prob­a­bly helped keep up the craze.

  5. well it seem’s like the full link can’t be post­ed so just go to wikipedia and search haruhi suzumiya

  6. lol Wikipedia and “most like­ly true” in the same sen­tence. Hahahahahaha.Ha.But yeah, it is com­ing to the Wii. :/

  7. btw, This post was before it was announced that it would be com­ing to the Wii and PS2, so I would­n’t have known.

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