Hidamari Sketch

Title: Hidamari Sketch
Based On: Hidamari Sketch (4‑koma)
Pro­duc­tion: Shaft

Hidamari Sketch is quite the charm­ing show if I do say so myself. If you’re into slice-of-life anime/manga like Azu­man­ga Daioh or Lucky Star, you defi­nate­ly should check this out. The sto­ry is about the dai­ly life of Yuno, who dreams to be a great artist, and her friends (Miyako, Hiro and Sae) who live in the Hidamari Apart­ments. The char­ac­ters are pret­ty like­able, my favorite has to be Miyako because of her child­ish per­son­al­i­ty, with Yuno com­ing in sec­ond because of her being a pret­ty cute protagonist. ^^

The ani­ma­tion for the ani­me is pret­ty unique too with it’s com­bi­na­tion of tra­di­tion­al hand-drawn ani­ma­tion and cut-out pho­tographs, although the ani­ma­tion isn’t the best it is pret­ty warmhearted.

The con­tent of each episode takes place in anachron­ic order, but it does­n’t real­ly con­fuse you à la The Melchan­coly of Haruhi Suzu­miya (to an extent) and Tou­ka Get­tan.

The 4‑koma is pret­ty adorable too and a nice read, so check it out if you have a chance. If you hap­pen to like the char­ac­ters, keep read­ing because the very soul of a yonko­ma and slice-of-life anime/manga in gen­er­al is watch­ing your favorite char­ac­ters live their lives and watch­ing them do their thing, get­ting to know them bet­ter. If you don’t like the char­ac­ters, there’d be no point.

OP: “Sketch Switch” — Kana Asu­mi, Kaori Mizuhashi, Ryoko Shin­tani and Yuko Goto
ED: “Mebae Dri­ve” — marble

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