Let me heal the suffering in your heart~ こばと。 Kobato


Title: Kab­u­to こばと。
Artist Group: CLAMP
Seri­al­ized in: Newtype
Pub­lish­er: Kadokawa Shoten 株式会社角川書店
Rat­ing: B

Hana­to Koba­to is a very hap­py and perky girl, who aims to fill a mys­te­ri­ous bot­tle in order to grant her wish. Aid­ing her in this task is a grump plush-like dog named Ioryo­gi. Now she has to heal the suf­fer­ing hearts of peo­ple in order to fill the bot­tle. How­ev­er, she has to make sure that she does not fall in love with the per­son she’s healing.

A change from CLAM­P’s more recent works: ×××HOLiC (with its more dark­er sto­ries) and Tsub­asa (with its uhhh… about-to-be-bor­der­line-semi-can­abil­ism), I read Koba­to and found it refresh­ing that it takes on a more lighter and humor­ous sto­ry and hav­ing art that reflects the feel of CLAM­P’s past works more than ×××HOLiC and Tsub­asa. I mean, the art­style is the same “EAT MORE YOU LOOK LIKE STICKS” as found in those two titles, but the I feel that it has a much more lighter feel… prob­a­bly because of the dif­fer­ences in the pal­lettes in the col­ored illus­tra­tions. Nonethe­less, it felt much more shou­jo-ish. Over­all, the art was pret­ty. Typ­i­cal CLAMP stuff.

The sto­ry is light­heart­ed, so it isn’t for peo­ple who are look­ing for more seri­ous and “com­pelling” sto­ries. Koba­to and her lack of com­mon sense and that ebil-look­ing plush­toy bring out some real fun­ny and cute moments that I love (which isn’t say­ing much because I’m easy to please in the cute depart­ment ^^;;). It’s not the best com­e­dy, mind you — but it works for me. 😉

Poor Koba­to. ^^;

For­tu­nate­ly, it does­n’t taste as bad as it looks. 😛

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