Ore no Negai~ My Birthday Desires ^^

Here’s a list of some of the things I might get for my birth­day (which is tom­mor­row). I get free-use of $100 (maybe more…), so I’ll be able to get most of these… ^^;; Of course, there isn’t much ani­me stuff… more manga/light nov­els and video games than any­thing else. ^^;;


-Shaku­gan no SHANA Vol­ume 6

The Ball Masque’s hor­rif­ic plans come to fruition, spelling the end for every­one in Mis­a­ki City. As Kazu­mi, Eita, and Sato help­less­ly watch the world crum­ble, Shana risks her life to save them and the per­son whom she has come to tru­ly care for. Will Yuji live long enough to final­ly under­stand what it means to be a Mystes and what it means to the world? More impor­tant­ly, will he learn what mat­ters the most to him per­son­al­ly before it’s too late?

(Nat­u­ral­ly since the release date is July 3rd, I’ll get this two days afer my birth­day. This ends the first SHANA in English…)

-The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya Vol­ume 1

I thought that when I entered high school, my days of believ­ing in aliens, time trav­el­ers and ESPers were over. That was, until she intro­duced her­self. Claim­ing to be inter­est­ed in only aliens, time trav­el­ers, and ESPers, Haruhi Suzu­miya was the strangest girl I’d met in a long time…

Before I knew what was going on, I’d been dragged into her weird club, and it looks like I’m not the only one who has been draft­ed into this “SOS Brigade” of hers, because there are three oth­er stu­dents here who don’t seem to be so ordi­nary themselves.

Either way, we’ve all found our­selves caught up in Haruhi’s quest to search for all things extra­or­di­nary. And what’s this I hear about us mak­ing a movie…?

(Loved the dub from what I’ve seen, so it’s only nat­ur­al that I’ll sup­port it and buy it myself, no?)

Manga/Light Nov­els

-Bal­lad of a Shiniga­mi Vol­ume 1 (Light Novel)

In the dark­ness stands a girl draped in pure white. Don’t let her inno­cent appear­ance fool you… her hands grip a glis­ten­ing scythe. Momo is the dark mes­sen­ger of death tasked with releas­ing humans from their mor­tal bonds and deliv­er­ing their souls to the great beyond. First encoun­ters with Momo always end in farewells…

(Yum­my grim reaper)

-Hay­ate The Com­bat But­ler Vol­ume 1 (man­ga)

Hay­ate Ayasa­ki is a 16-year-old boy who has been sup­port­ing him­self since child­hood by work­ing a vari­ety of part-time jobs. His par­ents, on the oth­er hand, are degen­er­ate gam­blers who don’t work at all and gen­er­ate 150 mil­lion yen in debt. To pay this debt, Hay­ate’s par­ents sell him as an organ donor to the yakuza — an idea Hay­ate isn’t too crazy about, so he decides to kid­nap some­one and ran­som them for 150 mil­lion yen.

The girl he attempts to kid­nap, though, mis­in­ter­prets Hay­ate’s inten­tions, and thinks that he is con­fess­ing his love for her. The girl, Nagi Sanzenin, turns out to be the only daugh­ter of a super wealthy fam­i­ly. Nagi buys Hay­ate from the yakuza and to pay her back, Hay­ate agrees to be her but­ler. And, at his cur­rent salary, it will take him 40 years to pay Nagi back!

(Let’s see how bet­ter it is than the anime)

-Kanokon Vol­ume 1 (Light Novel)

On the very first day that inno­cent coun­try boy, Oya­ma­da Kou­ta, trans­fers to a city high school, the pret­ti­est girl in school asks him to meet her behind the school, all alone. Her shin­ing hair and entreat­ing eyes! Her flushed cheeks! Her sweet lips! Her… fox tail?! Who is this mys­te­ri­ous and allur­ing girl, and just what does she want with unsus­pect­ing Kou­ta? (… sex? 😛)

-PitaT­en Vol­ume 1 (Light Novel)

Higuchi Kotarou was just a nor­mal sixth-grad­er until he got a new next-door neigh­bor: an insane­ly perky angel named Misha that has made it her life’s work to make Kotarou hap­py! And as if that weren’t enough, Misha has an even stranger room­mate — a kind-heart­ed demon named Shia and her mys­te­ri­ous black cat Nyaa! If Kotarou’s life at home is this weird, what can it pos­si­bly be like at school?!

(Watched the ani­me and read the man­ga. I thought it was pret­ty cute. ^^;;)

-Shaku­gan no SHANA Vol­ume 1 (Light Novel)

Invaders from the Crim­son Realm have come to Earth look­ing for some­thing called the Pow­er of Exis­tence. Who­ev­er pos­sess­es this pro­found pow­er will con­trol the very quin­tes­sence of real­i­ty. To the res­cue comes an enig­mat­ic young girl with fire in her eyes. She may be cute and petite, but she’s endowed with enough preter­nat­ur­al strength to save the entire uni­verse. Plus, she’s got a real­ly big sword!

(Despite the image crop­ping, text size, and the “descrip­tions” being dumb­ed down, its still a pret­ty good read I guess… There­fore, I’m buying)

-Shaku­gan no SHANA Vol­ume 1 (man­ga)

Yuji Sakai is begin­ning what he thinks will be anoth­er bor­ing year of school. But every­thing changes when the world around him stops, the sur­round­ing peo­ple are engulfed in blue flames, and a freak­ish doll-like crea­ture begins suck­ing them up! Before Yuji suf­fers the same fate, a young red­head­ed girl with a sword appears and saves him. Yuji is drawn into the strug­gle between these crea­tures from anoth­er world: the Crim­son Denizens and the girl Shana, called Flame Haze. He too has a cru­cial role to play in the con­flict, despite the fact that… he’s dead!

(Now here we have the SHANA man­ga, which fol­lows the nov­el clos­er than the ani­me. Defi­nate­ly buy­ing. 😀)

-×××HOLiC Vol­ume 1 (man­ga)

Watanu­ki Kim­i­hi­ro is a young man haunt­ed by visions, until he is drawn to the mys­te­ri­ous witch Yuuko, who offers to help van­quish the spir­its that tor­ment him — for a price. Now, to pay off his debt, Watanu­ki must work for Yuuko in her mys­te­ri­ous shop, where wish­es are grant­ed to those in need.

But those who seek Yuuko’s aid — like a woman with a strange creep­ing paral­y­sis, and a house­wife addict­ed to her com­put­er — must also pay a price: the sac­ri­fice of some­thing pre­cious. It’s an odd and eerie busi­ness that only gets stranger when clients from oth­er realms begin to arrive — includ­ing two unusu­al vis­i­tors, named Saku­ra and Syao­ran, from a land called Clow… 

(About time I con­sid­ered get­ting it, uhhh… legally. ^^;)

((Heh… sure got crazy with the Sev­en Seas titles… ^^;; Iron­i­cal­ly, I was one of the peo­ple who was dis­ap­point­ed that Kodomo no Jikan was cancelled…))

-Video Games

-Etri­an Odyssey

In a vast and fer­tile land lies a small town known as Etria, a peace­ful vil­lage that became famous for a star­tling dis­cov­ery. A crack in the vast for­est opened at Etria’s edge, lead­ing down­ward like a gap­ing maw. It all began there…
Those who hear rumors of the labyrinth of Etria, whether young or old, begin to har­bor dreams of explor­ing it.

Rich­es… fame… pres­tige… all that and one more thing does the labyrinth promise: the true spir­it of adven­ture, on the per­ilous edge of death.

Today, like any oth­er day in the new Etria, a youth walks through the town gates…

-Hoshiga­mi Remix: Run­ning Blue

On the float­ing con­ti­nent of Mar­dias, a war has bro­ken out between the King­doms of Valaim and Night­weld that threat­ens to upset the bal­ance of pow­er in the land. Our hero, Fazz, and his rag­tag band of mer­ce­nar­ies are thrust into the fight and are hired to pro­tect one of the Ruins of Ixia from the Valaimi­an forces. Unbe­knownst to them, an insid­i­ous evil begins to rise from the shad­ows… Will Fazz be able to stop it before Mar­dias is destroyed?

-Poke­mon Diamond/Pearl (Yes, I still haven’t got­ten my own yet. One of the rea­sons I’m on hold with the ani­me (RAW) now is to not spoil myself…)

-Rune Fac­to­ry: A Fan­ta­sy Har­vest Moon

You awak­en to find your­self in an unfa­mil­iar vil­lage with no mem­o­ry of who you are or how you arrived. Mist a beau­ti­ful young woman comes to your aid and helps you start to build a life for yourself…on a farm. Till the land grow crops raise ani­mals catch fish and bat­tle mon­sters! Bat­tling against fierce beasts is very impor­tant for your sur­vival but mak­ing friends with them is essen­tial for your farm life. Your life on the farm slow­ly starts to reawak­en your mem­o­ries of the past…befriend wan­der­ing mon­sters to help with your farm each with their own spe­cial abil­i­ties upgrade your skills as you use and cre­ate hun­dreds of items and tools com­mu­ni­cate and exchange items via Wi-Fi crop crops make friends and fall in love!

((Wow. I guess I just can’t stop touch­ing… touch­ing is good))

The “presents” por­tion of my birth­day seems like it’s going to be fun… ^^;; Although there’s one “present” that I want that can’t sim­ply be bought with money.

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  1. Not if you’re across the coun­try. xDHm­mm… ew, the post does­n’t show up on the main page in IE

  2. Well, looks like it’s tom­morow, so hap­py birth­day then ^^ Hope you’ve got some­thing good.What’s this about Poke­mon D/P and spoil­ing though? I could prob­a­bly tell you half the sto­ry­line with­out even play­ing it XD …need to go buy the game any­way >_> <_<As for per­son­al rec­om­men­da­tion: Haruhi Vol. 2 hits in 2 days, and it has 900% more Yuki awe­some­ness than Vol. 1. ^^

  3. @CCYoshi: Thanks. xD“What’s this about Poke­mon D/P and spoil­ing though? I could prob­a­bly tell you half the sto­ry­line with­out even play­ing it XD …need to go buy the game any­way >_> <_<“lol Don’t know what hap­pens in the evil-team sto­ry though, all I know is that they’re after Dialga/Palkia. o_O But yeah, usu­al molds aside I pret­ty much don’t know what hap­pens. ^^;“As for per­son­al rec­om­men­da­tion: Haruhi Vol. 2 hits in 2 days, and it has 900% more Yuki awe­some­ness than Vol. 1. ^^” I’ll keep that in mind. ^^;;

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