I’m Back With a New PC

I’ve been away for a while, and even though I don’t reg­u­lar­ly blog, due to the fact that play­ing a game takes longer than watch­ing an ani­me episode, I still felt it was impor­tant to state that I’m offi­cial­ly back.

The blog own­er has made a post about the unfor­tu­nate events I was deal­ing with, but that was­n’t the only rea­son I was gone. You see, I was hav­ing some com­put­er prob­lems. An enor­mous dust bun­ny blocked my CPU fan from mov­ing caus­ing my com­put­er to over­heat and forc­ing me to buy this new computer.

Here’s a quick bit of advice : always remem­ber to crack open your com­put­er every once in a while, to make sure dust bun­nies aren’t tak­ing over your PC. If you have a Mac then my spite against Macs will com­mand you to leave it alone and let it break.

Also, I may start post­ing com­put­er news if I can get per­mis­sion from the blog owner.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back With a New PC

  1. Wel­come back to the blogosphere~!Don’t over­do it with the com­put­er thing though, mark it all as off-topic.

  2. Wel­come back…congrats on the new PC.Don’t know why you dis­like Macs though…I am on good terms with both plat­forms. I have a Cen­tris 650that dates back to 1993 which works fine except­that the opti­cal dri­ve has quit…luckily I have anex­ter­nal burn­er. I also have a Pen­tium 166 from 1996 also work­ing fine though the sec­ond hard dri­veis mak­ing omi­nous noises…I’ll be replac­ing it soon.

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