Obscure Korean Gaming — Why Can’t It Be Good? (Mikoto Edit: You got the publisher wrong)

Title: Magna Car­ta : Tears of Blood
Pub­lish­er: Atlus Softmax
Eng­lish Dis­tri­b­u­tion: Atlus
Rat­ing: D+

-Sto­ry­line- C+
The sto­ry­line is gener­ic, but accept­able. There is a war between elf-like peo­ple and humans. They look sim­i­lar except for one race hav­ing pointy ears and the oth­er hav­ing round­ed ears. How­ev­er, leg­ends go around say­ing the elf-peo­ple are demon­ic freaks of nature, so any­body that isn’t in the front lines has no idea what they look like oth­er than what pro­pa­gan­da. The main char­ac­ter is the leader of a human mer­ce­nary group and is inspired to fight because his fam­i­ly was slaughtered.

Sound famil­iar? If you’ve played a small amount of games, you should be famil­iar with this already.

-Game­play- D-
Please don’t get me start­ed with this. The game­play is absolute­ly hor­ren­dous. The bat­tle sys­tem con­sists of mov­ing around on the bat­tle­field, get­ting close to an ene­my, ini­ti­at­ing the attack, and a DDR style attack beings. A tri­an­gle with 3 cir­cles will appear. The cir­cles will have a but­ton pop up in it, which you must press on the con­troller. This will be repeat­ed until one side is dead.

Out­side of bat­tle things are no bet­ter. You have two modes of move­ment. Run, which moves you quick­ly, allow­ing for lazy move­ment, but dras­ti­cal­ly min­i­mizes your line of sight. If an ene­my attacks you dur­ing run mode, you will be ambushed and have the dis­ad­van­tage in the bat­tle screen. The oth­er move­ment type is walk, in which you draw your sword, move slow­ly, and have a huge line of sight. This slug­gish move­ment is annoy­ing, and if an ene­my gets you no ambush hap­pens. How­ev­er, if you strike the ene­my from behind first, you do an ambush. There is also a third option, which isn’t real­ly move­ment. You can sit down and rest, and your par­ty’s health will heal. Your line of sight is min­i­mal dur­ing heal­ing and you can be ambushed, just like in run mode.

-Graph­ics- B+
The graph­ics don’t stand out much, but they keep up with the oth­er games that were made dur­ing the same time peri­od. They’re not bad by any means, but they’re just not bet­ter than the oth­ers. If you want some­thing above a B in graph­ics from me, it has to be some­thing bet­ter than the com­pe­ti­tion, not the same.

-Pic­tures- A+
These pic­tures get an A+ because I found them. :]

The main char­ac­ter doing a not very inspir­ing attack.

Oh joy, but­tons to press quick­ly in a cer­tain order.

Here we can see some poor soul try­ing hard to get that “GREAT!!!” by press­ing the but­tons well.


2 thoughts on “Obscure Korean Gaming — Why Can’t It Be Good? (Mikoto Edit: You got the publisher wrong)

  1. Obscure japan­ese gaming?The game’s actu­al­ly made by a Kore­an company.

  2. Yeah, it was made by Soft­max, not Atlus Steven. Atlus mere­ly released it in North America.

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