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Hap­py 4th of July!

So yes­ter­day, I watched one of the first new ani­me of the sum­mer sea­son to air… it was Nanatsuiro★Drops (duh, can you not read the title?).

Nanatsuiro★Drops is an eroge-turned-mahou shou­jo ani­me. I was real­ly look­ing for­ward to it due to the char­ac­ter designs being drawn by Noizi Ito. Although I was­n’t expect­ing much of a sto­ry like TMoHS and SHANA, read­ing the description.

I guess the open­ing was kind of nice. It was a tad slow, but I don’t hate slow open­ings, so it was­n’t a problem.

The first thought that came to mind was that in some scenes, it brought rem­i­nisce to Card­cap­tor Saku­ra. Although it isn’t sup­posed to be a rip-off, the shape of her clothes and the way she rides her wand in the open­ing, along with the plush-like ani­mal on her back might give you an impres­sion that it is even thought it isn’t.

Sumo­mo’s design is more appeal­ing to me than Saku­ra’s, though. 😉

Time for one of my gener­ic and incom­pre­hen­sive sum­maries! Skip all the way down for my full thoughts.

The sto­ry starts off with the lead male char­ac­ter at school, Masa­haru Tsuwabu­ki (who looks like and has the same seiyuu (Hiro­fu­mi Noji­ma) as Ike from Shaku­gan no SHANA, also drawn by Noizi Ito. Coin­ci­dence? Maybe…), who acci­den­tal­ly bumps into the main female char­ac­ter, Sumo­mo Aki­hime (very pret­ty 😉) and spills water on him. Sumo­mo starts to cry because it was her fault that Tsuwabu­ki got wet. How­ev­er, her friend (Nadeshiko Yaeno) sees her cry­ing and thinks Tsuwabu­ki did some­thing to her, threat­en­ing him with a… shov­el. All as if Sumo­mo was a god or some­thing (I sense yuri ten­den­cies from her…). Kisara­gi-sen­sei shows up and says it’s a strange com­bi­na­tion of peo­ple. Sumo­mo is cry­ing, Nadeshiko is angry, and even Tsuwabu­ki is there. Nadeshiko says it’s because he made Sumo­mo cry, but Sumo­mo says he did­n’t do any­thing wrong and apol­o­gizes. Kisara­gi-sen­sei thinks that this is perfect…

Which means drag­ging Tsuwabu­ki in the gar­den­ing club because the club only con­sists of Sumo­mo and Nadeshiko. As Tsuwabu­ki is busy installing a new sprin­kler, he thinks about his friends say­ing that he should be more social and get along with oth­er peo­ple. Then we see Sumo­mo and Nadeshiko walk­ing along the trail. Sumo­mo explains every­thing and now Nadeshiko now knows that it was all a mis­un­der­stand­ing. They go back to see the sprin­kler that Tsuwabu­ki made and Nadeshiko is suprised he installed it prop­er­ly. But… where is he?

Now, we see Tsuwabu­ki wash­ing his hands. After all that work, he fig­ures that the gar­den­ing club must be alot of work for those two girls to han­dle and thinks that he might end up join­ing the club after all.

A wier­do run­ning with a bag of soda cans comes run­ning and bumps into Tsuwabu­ki, drop­ping all of his soda cans. Tsuwabu­ki notices his wierd ears, which makes him pan­ic. He gives Tsuwabu­ki a ran­dom soda can from the ground and runs off. tsuwabu­ki, think­ing that it was the soda can he had ear­li­er, drinks it.

How­ev­er, as the sun sets, a strange aura cov­ers Tsuwabu­ki and he shrinks…

He wakes up to find that Sumo­mo is hold­ing him in her arms and calls him a stuff ani­mal. Why was she call­ing him that? Because it seems that he has turned into a lit­tle plush-like sheep!

Tsumo­mo lays the lit­tle sheeps down and tell it to wait there because she is look­ing for a friend named Tsuwabu­ki (Haha… ^^;;). How­ev­er, we see Kisara­gi-sen­sei come across him…

We are giv­en the impres­sion that he might tor­ture him, but this isn’t the case. Kisara­gi-sen­sei uses some sort of mag­ic that lets Tsuwabu­ki move and talk like nor­mal again, only he’s still a sheep.

Kisara­gi-sen­sei asks if he drank a soda can from the floor and Tsuwabu­ki replies with “Why would I-?!” but then recalls the wierd man and his soda cans. Kisara­gi-sen­sei says that the guy he saw was a “Fig­u­rare human”, a human from a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent world and trans­form­ing is a reg­u­lar thing there. What he drank was a Fig­u­rare trans­form­ing drug (Is that some sort of wierd steroid they take there?!). Tsuwabu­ki, how­ev­er, can­not com­pre­hend the wierd­ness of this.

They both hear the door knock, so Tsuwabu­ki goes hid­ing. It’s Sumo­mo and Nadeshiko. They ask where Tsuwabu­ki is, because they want­ed to thank him for installing the sprin­kler. Kisara­gi-sen­sei says that he had some­thing impor­tant to do and went some­where else.

Sumo­mo asks if he’s seen a small, cute, stuffed sheep anywhere.

No. No, he has not. 😉

After they both leave, Kisara­gi-sen­sei says that he’ll teach Tsuwabu­ki a way of return­ing to nor­mal. How­ev­er… it won’t be an easy thing.

The scene shifts to Sumo­mo’s house, with her look­ing out the win­dow. We are now giv­en a hint that she has a crush on Tsuwabuki.

I got to talk alot to Tsuwabu­ki-kun today! *gig­gle* Haa~~ Haaa~~~!” Blah…

Got to admit, that was adorable though. ;P

We see Tsuwabu­ki fly through the skies into Sumo­mo’s win­dow (Kisara­gi-sen­sei hit him with a bat)…

… And into Sumo­mo’s face.

Sumo­mo’s face lights up as she is so hap­py to see the lit­tle lamb again. Tsuwabu­ki remem­bers Kisara­gi-sen­sei say­ing that he will send him to his “cho­sen girl”. Why was this girl Sumo­mo? She notices a note on him and reads it: “I am a very mys­te­ri­ous stuffed ani­me. Under some cir­cum­stances, I can’t get home. I need your help to return to the world of stuffed ani­mals. Please keep me at your house and help me out.” Tsuwabu­ki is suprised and acci­den­tal­ly talks.

Sumo­mo looked suprised at first, but she seems awful­ly hap­py that the sheep can talk and move. Sumo­mo intro­duces her­self and ask what his name is. Tsuwabu­ki remem­bers Kirasa­gi say­ing that if any­one finds out his true iden­ti­ty, then he can nev­er change back. So he says that he has no name. Sumo­mo starts to cry because it must be under very cru­el cir­cum­stances if it does­n’t have a name. But then she names it Yuki-chan since it’s very white and fluffy like snow. Tsuwabu­ki says “Yuki-chan to ore ga?” (I’m Yuki-chan?) Sumo­mo says he has to refer to him­self as “boku” since he can’t get home if strays from the path of polite­ness (lol… ^^;;).

Sumo­mo says she’ll do her best to get Yuki-chan back home, but she won­ders what she’s sup­posed to do. Yuki-chan says that in order to return him back to nor­mal, she must col­lect sev­en objects called the Star Drops. The only one who can col­lect the Star Drops is the cho­sen girl. Sumo­mo is very excit­ed that she’s the cho­sen girl and she’s very deter­mined to get Yuki-chan back home. Tsuwabu­ki, in his head, real­izes that Sumo­mo seems like a dif­fer­ent per­son than she real­ly is at school.

Yuki-chan then remem­bers the ring that Kirasa­gi-sen­sei told him to give to the cho­sen girl.

The ring makes a red light that points to the direc­tion of where a Star Drop is falling. So there they go into the night… Yuki-chan can’t keep up in his sheep-form, so he has to ride on Sumo­mo’s back (o,o).

Sumo­mo uses the ring again to find the Star Drop, which fell toward the school. Sumo­mo, trem­bling in the fear of night, won­ders where it could’ve fall­en. Yuki-chan says that Star Drops fall where there is beau­ti­ful water.

So they go to the foun­tain. They see the Star Drop deep in the foun­tain, how­ev­er, Sumo­mo says its too deep for her to reach. All of a sud­den, the ring trans­forms into a mag­i­cal spoon wand.

Strike that strike, its a spoon-wand. Sumo­mo gets real­ly excit­ed because it’s amaz­ing and spins Yuki-chan around. But Yuki-chan says if they don’t hur­ry, it might melt away.

Sumo­mo says it’s not reach­ing. Yuki-chan gets a book out so Sumo­mo could learn the com­mand words.

Pu Ru Bu La Di!

How­ev­er, the Star Drop gets away, right past the flow­ers. Sumo­mo wants to avoid the flow­ers, but she falls down.

She starts to cry because she thinks its her fault that it got away. Yuki-chan men­tions the new­ly installed sprin­kler (although he did­n’t want to fin­ish that sen­tence because it might give her an idea of who he real­ly is).

Sumo­mo heads toward the new sprin­kler to find the place to be all spark­ly. She sees the Star Drop pop out of a bush of flow­ers and chas­es it.

Pu Ru Bu La Di!

She final­ly catch­es it. This lit­tle vic­to­ry makes her very energetic.

Sumo­mo then puts the Star Drop into a glass bot­tle that they brought with them. Sumo­mo is very hap­py that she was able to get the Star Drop and hugs Yuki-chan. Mean­while, up on the school build­ing is an OMG ANTAGONIST. She tells a shad­owed dog that she won’t allow Sumo­mo to gath­er all the Star Drops.

Sumo­mo is in bed hap­pi­ly with Yuki-chan because she thought that was fun… and a bit wierd. As she goes to sleep, she won­ders how Yuki-chan knew about the sprin­kler that Tsuwabu­ki installed…

And the episode ends with a narration.

The end­ing was cute with all the chibi. It fits this series quite well.

I have to say this series did­n’t ful­ly meet my expec­ta­tions. Of course I like it, but it was­n’t all that amaz­ing though. Sumo­mo is the typ­i­cal over­ly-moé and cute female, and her ten­den­cy to cry over lit­tle things is adorable. Which I like, but isn’t exact­ly a good thing… but I love her. The art and char­ac­ter designs were top-notch though, and the ani­ma­tion was at least decent. Actu­al­ly, it was VERY col­or­ful, in a good way, and good on the eyes. At times it went crazy with the chibi-mode, but I guess it made it more live­ly and fun­ny (I hears it hap­pens in the game too).

The BGM was nice, although it real­ly did­n’t stand out to me. The seiyuu stood out more to me… I think I’ve heard them before, else­where. Of course, I’ve already told you about the Tsuwabu­ki and Ike con­nec­tion in the sum­ma­ry, with the looks and voice actors (and being drawn by the same artist…). Actu­al­ly, he looks like an old­er Syao­ran a lit­tle with the hair­style too. He looks alot like him in chibi form (see the end­ing). That’s real­ly not help­ing the “Is this a Card­cap­tor Saku­ra clone?!” thing…

I heard that Sumo­mo’s seiyuu voiced Jun from Hap­pi­ness! Thing is, he’s a guy. Best sound­ing trap I’ve ever heard.

So… I don’t see myself drop­ping this series. It’s real­ly not bad and I like it. Don’t be scared off by the fact that its based on an h‑game that has loli, which aren’t real­ly loli by the way. They just don’t have “D‑CUPSFULL OF JUSTICE!”. I heard the game was bet­ter though, and it seemed to be pret­ty popular.


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