The 2nd Season of Haruhi Suzumiya

Accord­ing to the August edi­tion of New­type, and a thread on Ani­me­suk­i’s forums and 2ch, “Suzu­miya Haruhi II” has been offi­cial­ly confirmed.

Harui­ists are get­ting hyped up already and I can’t blame them. I guess the new PSP/PS2/Wii game was sort of a pre­lude to this, which makes more sense to me than my orig­i­nal assump­tion that it was announced upon the R1 DVDs get­ting released in North Amer­i­ca. Why would they care about America?

Com­mon sense tells me that we’ll have to wait until CLANNAD is aired and fin­ished until we can see the sec­ond sea­son of the Haruhi ani­me (KyoAni usu­al­ly takes one project at a time!). So I have a feel­ing we’re gonna get lots of hype. ^^;;

Kona­ta seems to be hav­ing a orgas­mic-rejoice. 😉

4 thoughts on “The 2nd Season of Haruhi Suzumiya

  1. The pic’s so adorable. I love it when shows do crossovers. XDAdding you to my blogroll, btw~

  2. umm­mm Clan­nad has been pushed back to FALL ’08!!!! SCOREEEEEEE 2000 pts for SUZUMIYA-SAN

  3. @anonymous: I nev­er heard about it being pushed to Fall ’08… Noth­ing ever said that. Sure, it dis­ap­pear from ANN’s list­ing of upcom­ing ani­me, but I don’t think it was pushed THAT far…Plus, CLANNAD had much more pro­mo­tion than Haruhi II. Not much sense to push back a series which is almost ready for a series which we only got a video of Haruhi and John Smith van­dal­is­ing some school… But if we got Haruhi first, it’s all the same — one way or anoth­er it’s still going to be awesome.

  4. (Com­ment moved from the old blog, made at August 26, 2007 @ 22:59… WHY ARE PEOPLE COMMENTING THERE?!)

    @ Anony­mous: Haha Haruhi fans! Clan­nad, Oct 07. Booya! Key for the win!

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