Cosplay at AX 2007

I was check­ing out some videos of the con­ven­tion that peo­ple post­ed on the inter­net since I real­ly did­n’t want to go. Dri­ving all the way to Los Ange­les, going past some real­ly bad smelling cows from the pas­tures in the hot sum­mer weath­er, and arriv­ing half-dead is NOT worth see­ing the Haruhi cast. Shoot me if you will. ;;

Here’s a video of cos­play at AX made by the dudes in the cred­its from YouTube. It’s basi­cal­ly a mon­tage of cos­play on Day 2. As you can see, cos­play’s the usu­al, rang­ing from frig­gin’ wierd (0:30) to very awe­some (at 1:12, we see some real­ly cute cos­play of Fall­en Angel Flonne. ^^). At 1:00, we see Spi­der Man and AbaRed… xD lol I believe Comi­con is that way. *points waaaay over there*. Kid­ding, kidding.

In the mid­dle of “frig­gin’ wierd” and “very awe­some”, there’s “very dis­gust­ing” I pret­ty much expect that there are very… well-built men/women cos­play­ing as very petite loli. I believe there’s at least 6 fat 30-year-old women cos­play­ing as Flonne and anoth­er 30 men, of all ages, dress­ing in all sorts of drag. You can only see this kind of thing in Cal­i­for­nia… at Ani­me Expo! …Maybe not.

Of course, noth­ing’s com­plete with­out almost over 50 Haruhi tak­ing over a chunk of space out­side, lots of dan­su, and doing the Lucky Star dance which over half them did­n’t even get right (lol ^^;;).

Oh my. Is that Yuki a trap?

2 thoughts on “Cosplay at AX 2007

  1. 00:28 sec: Is that sup­posed to be a com­bi­na­tion with Gur­ren-Lagann with the hel­met detail? :p :DThe Fall­en Angel Flonne cos­play was nice though. 😀

  2. Haha, an army of danc­ing Haruhis. I don’t know if that’s just too cool or just too disturbing. 😛

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