Doujin Work 01

Short Sum­ma­ry:
The sto­ry is about a girl named Naji­mi Osana who learns more and more about the dou­jin world. She is con­vinced that she wants to be a dou­jin artist due to see­ing what her friend could make at a con­ven­tion. She loves to draw but finds that it is more dif­fi­cult to com­pre­hend after all. After mak­ing friends with some inter­est­ing peo­ple, they teach her the ins and outs of the field, and maybe she will even­tu­al­ly make a name for mak­ing doujinshi.

I go into anoth­er new ani­me of the sea­son and this time its based on yet anoth­er 4‑Koma. The premise is what inter­ests me, the sto­ry revolv­ing around a dōjin artist. The first episode’s only about 15 min­utes and there is so lit­tle con­tent in the episode, although I guess it sets up the con­cept of the ani­me quite well. There were some fun­ny moments that made me let out a chuck­le or two… esspe­cial­ly that lit­tle misunderstanding:

You seem tired, were you doing some­thing dirty last night? ;D”
“Yes, in fact, I was.”
EH?! o_O I did­n’t know you had a part­ner…”
“No, I was doing it by myself, if you’d like — you could help me out next time. “
“I like you as a friend, but I don’t swing that way… >_>;”

Com­bine that with some homages of some com­mon stuff you’d find in dōjin (like rape, for instance — even though I’m not every fond of that kind of stuff — it brought some laughs out of me) and you have one heck of poten­tial! Great way to spend 15 min­utes if you’re bored. The ani­ma­tion… good, not hor­ri­ble, so I won’t have to spend those 15 min­utes cool­ing my eyes down from the bur­ing hor­ri­ble-ness. Not much else to say…

I smile at the thought of numer­ous dōjin­shi of a dōjin­shi ani­me. That’d be just grand. lol ^^;

5 thoughts on “Doujin Work 01

  1. Are the subs for the first episode out yet? I haven’t found them, at least on Animesuki.15 min­utes seems like kind of a shame but at least it will make a good bite size ani­me. It sounds fun­ny enough. ^^And dou­jin of a dou­jin ani­me? XD I like that. And of course they can cre­ate a spin­off sequel of the ani­me from one of the doujin…so it’d be like Dou­jin Ani­me Dou­jin Work…Work? XD

  2. I like the fact that the episodes are only 15 min­utes, it rein­forces the impres­sion that the series is based off a 4koma.

  3. Still wait­ing to get my hands on this series looks like it’s gonna be a great light heart­ed com­e­dy piece.

  4. @CCYoshi: As Shirukii said, the episode being 15 min­utes is per­fect for a 4‑koma series. (: IMO, 4‑koma series are a good way to pass the time, and it being a bite-sized ani­me is per­fect for that.@TokiDoki: Well, I hope you’ll get it soon. lol

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