The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 1 DVD Review

License: Bandai Enter­tain­ment
Dub­bing: Bang Zoom!

So I final­ly bought my copy of the DVD 2 days ago (took me long enough, yes). Want­ed the lim­it edi­tion one due to the cos­play rib­bon and the Noizi Ito art on the cov­er, but what was I sup­posed to do? 😛 Almost got a DVD where the plas­tic around the box was about to fall apart. Good thing I caught that in time. ^^;;

Translations/Voice Actors:
The dub was fine, just fine. I sort of enjoyed the dia­logue in the dub more than the Japan­ese one more on Kyon’s part, I found Kyon to be much more sar­cas­tic in the dub than the orig­i­nal — I real­ly enjoyed that (dia­logue is genius!). Noth­ing wrong with his voice actor nei­ther… he was just… Kyon. Miku­ru voice was squeaky, as like what she was like in the orig­i­nal. That’s not a good thing nor a bad thing. It was annoy­ing at times esspe­cial­ly on episode 00, but it real­ly did­n’t both­er me that much. And Itsuk­i’s… John­ny Yong Bosch. Nuff’ said. The only voice I had a slight prob­lem with is Haruhi (yes, the god) — some of her lines felt a lit­tle forced at times and felt like Wendee Lee was just read­ing it off the paper. She defi­nate­ly need­ed to be more enthuias­tic at times too. If she improves on that, the voice would fit Haruhi perfectly.

What the hell is that sup­posed to mean?!” “What the hell are you doing?!” In my opin­ion, seemed like Bang Zoom liked to throw around the word “hell” alot some­times. It was­n’t a bad thing… I was just amused that it remind­ed me of those times where Funi­ma­tion would go pro­fan­i­ty-crazy in their titles when it was­n’t there orig­i­nal­ly, Full­met­al Alchemist comes to mind. 😛

I’ve noticed that they left “もえ” untrans­lat­ed (I would’ve expect­ed them to trans­late it as “turn-on”, which they point out in a trans­la­tor’s note on the sub­ti­tles). Dun­no if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. The weaboos are prob­a­bly very hap­py right now.

Video Qual­i­ty:
As expect­ed from a KyoAni-relat­ed release, the video qual­i­ty is very good.

DVD screen­shot:

TV screen­shot:

Need I say more?

DVD Fea­tures:
Would’ve pre­ferred a text­less Bouken desho desho? over Koi no Miku­ru Denset­su, but what­ev­er! 😛 lol We get live-action Haruhi (for the Aya fan­boys) with those old CMs and “The Adven­tures of The SOS Brigade”.

End thoughts? Love it. The real stuff starts in Vol­ume 2 though…

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