School Days 01

Short Sum­ma­ry:
A school­boy: Mako­to Itō is fas­ci­nat­ed by Kotono­ha Kat­sura whom rides the same train he does every morn­ing. He man­ages to take a pic­ture of her in his cell­phone
with­out her know­ing due to some belief of a love charm; tak­ing a pic­ture in your cell­phone of some­one you like, make it your wall­pa­per for three weeks with­out any­one know­ing, and then, just like that, the per­son is yours. How­ev­er, Sekai Saion­ji — a noisy girl — catch­es Mako­to look­ing at the pic­ture in his cell­phone and knows of his secret, promis­ing to not tell any­one and even help­ing him get a slight chance of a rela­tion­ship with Kotono­ha. After get­ting Mako­to to actu­al­ly talk to Kotono­ha, Mako­to gets the courage to actu­al­ly ask Kotono­ha out on a date. Kotono­ha then real­izes that the per­son that she had in mind, the per­son who she thinks con­stant­ly looks at her every­day on the train, was Mako­to. Right before Mako­to leaves on his date, Sekai kiss­es Mako­to and boards the train on her way home, real­iz­ing her own feel­ings.

I watched the ONA (sub­ti­tled ani­ma­tion from the game) and this was­n’t much dif­fer­ent from it, it plays out almost the same as the game. That was a smart move to do, I guess, at least for the first episode of the series.

It was alright, even though it seemed pret­ty slow, it did have enough con­tent to have that lit­tle dra­mat­ic effect at the end. Con­sid­er­ing they can cram the same con­tent in thir­ty min­utes in the ONA, that’s to be expect­ed. The ani­ma­tion was­n’t that dif­fer­ent from the game’s (or rather, the char­ac­ter designs, but it would be pret­ty retard­ed if they changed the char­ac­ter designs in an ani­ma­tion of an ani­mat­ed game), I’m glad they weren’t tempt­ed on recy­cling some scenes from the game (I don’t think they can do that if they tried though… ORZ)! 

Let’s see, the game had some pret­ty vio­lent bad end­ings (one of the char­ac­ters got shank’ed!). Do I want to see the ani­me end with one of these end­ings? Not real­ly, I’m more of a per­son who leans more to see­ing any end­ing, good or bad. I pre­fer not to go with the harem end­ing though… By the descrip­tion oth­er peo­ple tell me of him, Mako­to cer­tain­ly does not deserve to impreg­nate two girls. Watch­ing the first episode of the ONA and ani­me, I was­n’t very fond of him either since it does seem he’ll be pret­ty pathet­ic. Even though he seems to have the same pathet­ic-ness as me. Blah. ._.

The plot… read the descrip­tion and check it out if it seems inter­est­ing to you, don’t trust my opin­ion on it because I prac­ti­cal­ly go with any­thing with romance in it. It seems like those typ­i­cal love-tri­an­gles to me.

3 thoughts on “School Days 01

  1. (pre­vi­ous com­ment delet­ed for clarification)The ques­tion is, does Mako­to deserve even one girl? Because I saw some of the screen­caps from episode 2 (only have 1 down­loaded but unwatched), and wow…Makoto’s some­thing pret­ty hor­ri­ble. Even the worst, social­ly-inept otaku would at least pay atten­tion to the girl he’s mad­ly in love with when he’s going out with her.The way I see it, with Mako­to being set up as such a jerk there’s two ways out: 1) rapid per­son­al­i­ty devel­op­ment or 2) BAD END him.I real­ly am inter­est­ed in the sec­ond per­son­al­ly, if only because this will dif­fer­en­ti­ate School Days from being just a nor­mal love-tri­an­gle anime.

  2. The end­ings where he ends up with both girls or a dead one is kind of weird. It does­n’t fit the sto­ry at all, but I’m guess­ing that’s one some peo­ple are after. :))

  3. @CCYoshi: Wow. Mako­to sounds like a real ass. I haven’t seen the sec­ond episode yet so I gues I’ll find out soon enough.@mintie: A bad end­ing would make dif­fer­en­ti­ate it from oth­er love-tri­an­gle series though.

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