Here we have that ani­me based on the Eng­lish study aid aimed at otaku, of the same name. The first book was appar­ent­ly filled with lots of amus­ing gram­mar mis­takes. Did the ani­me have any of the bad Engr­ish? I don’t think so. Per­son­al­ly, I don’t real­ly care, but it would’ve been amusing.

Some parts made me laugh, such as “Don’t you think mag­i­cal girls look the same even after they trans­form?” and the, well, per­vert­ed duck.

I swear, the loli­cons will go crazy about this ani­me. The duck was drool­ing over a high school girl (who looks like a pri­ma­ry school stu­dent) in a frig­gin’ reveal­ing fanser­vice-ish mag­i­cal girl suit (WITH a VERY reveal­ing hen­shin sequence). Did I hear a “per­fect breasts” com­ment from the thing?! Once you see the duck­’s true form in the pro­logue… Oh man, it’s just hor­ri­ble. But it did make me laugh, so I guess I’m just a hor­ri­ble per­son… Well actu­al­ly, I raised my eye­brow and held my head with both hands the whole time, but I assure you I did laugh.

Also, why did Nao leave his… ummm… “trea­sures” in VERY easy-to-find spots? Does he even have parents?

More than oth­ers… Yes, the ani­ma­tion was pret­ty good, but the actu­al con­tent… well… much less than desired.

I did­n’t hate it, I admit that I did enjoy it. More-or-so the lit­tle Eng­lish lessons than the actu­al “mag­i­cal girl-ness”, though.

… The “CASTOFF” bit in the open­ing remind­ed me of Kamen Rid­er Kab­u­to. ^^;;

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