Sky Girls (TV) 01

As opposed to the OVA, the TV series dives into the expla­na­tion on how the girls joined the mil­i­tary instead of rush­ing into mecha action in the mid­dle of their tenure like the OVA did. The “Sky Girls” logo is slight­ly dif­fer­ent too.

The episode felt a lit­tle bit aver­age to me. It was aver­age. For the peo­ple that real­ly did­n’t like the OVA, watch­ing the first episode would­n’t help you get into it much since it real­ly does­n’t grab your atten­tion. It basi­cal­ly focused more on Oto­ha than the oth­er two girls. Eika got the least screen­time, which made me a bit sad. 

Here’s the open­ing and end­ing. I guess I found the open­ing catchy because I found myself replay­ing it over 20 times. The end­ing is kind of annoy­ing to me though. Com­pared to the OVA’s open­ing and end­ing, where I actu­al­ly liked both, I found the OVA’s open­ing and end­ing music to be better. 

But hey, I saw the poten­tial in the OVA, so I guess I’ll keep watching. ^^

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  1. The graph­ics, for me, are real­ly cute and sim­ple. I’m not sure if I want to watch it, though… XD Eh, is is real­ly worht it?

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