Planning on moving to a new host…

You heard me, Blog­ger. You insen­si­tive bas­tard. I thought we had some­thing special!

Yes, I’m plan­ning on mov­ing the blog to some oth­er host. Actu­al­ly, I took the first step by email­ing Mae­stro at Yes, I look for­ward to hav­ing a blog at Yes, I plan to sell the rest of my life to Yes, just like all the oth­ers. 😛

But on to seri­ous mat­ters: I seri­ous­ly got fed up with Blog­ger as a blog­ging plat­form. My first gripe — the com­ment­ing. First off, it would be much eas­i­er if there was a form for com­ment­ing on my posts instead of peo­ple post­ing com­ments on a page that loads so seri­ous­ly slow that you’d have to refresh the page at least a mil­lion times until some­thing actu­al­ly APPEARS on the blank page. Does Blog­ger offer that? No. Yes, I was exag­ger­at­ing on the “mil­lion” thing, but it real­ly is pret­ty annoy­ing. My lay­out, one of the only good Blog­ger tem­plates (will go into that short­ly), does­n’t pro­vide me a com­ment box — so I searched all over Google for some sort of “com­ment box code”. Did­n’t find a thing.

Sec­ond gripe, the tem­plates and lay­outs. Blog­ger offers some real­ly unpro­fes­sion­al-look­ing tem­plates that no seri­ous blog­ger would use for their blog. I know, appearence isn’t every­thing, but still… That’s why I chose this mod­i­fied ver­sion of Kubrick to be my blog’s tem­plate. I gen­er­al­ly check out alot of Word­Press lay­outs port­ed to Blog­ger and give Blog­ger-orig­i­nal tem­plates the cold shoul­der. The only down­side is that I have to add and update the side­bar man­u­al­ly, which isn’t a prob­lem at all. I stick with Blog­ger-clas­sic lay­outs, not the xml lay­outs which requires you to use “Blog­ger ele­ments”. Thing is, some of the xml lay­outs ARE good, but the “labels” are DISORGANIZED com­pared to how one would clean­ly orga­nize a side­bars by hand. The “labels” are gen­er­al­ly all over the place with the Blog­ger Ele­ments. And I real­ly don’t like that (I think) you have to put your “blogroll” in the same sec­tion as your “links”. Word­Press is a lit­tle more… flexible.

Third gripe, the “fea­tures”. Unlike plat­forms like Word­Press or Mov­able­Type, you have to add third-par­ty “hacks” to your tem­plate in order for your blog to be remote­ly unique. Expand­able posts are a pain because I have to add it all in BY HAND. Why does the Blog­ger team not add a “Expand­able Posts Fea­ture” to Blog­ger when a lot of peo­ple obvi­ous­ly want it? Did I men­tion that they added polls JUST NOW?

Fourth gripe, the glitch­es (such as the recent­ly imfa­mous and recent­ly fixed “I can­not type in a title for my post” glitch) and the lags (like when­ev­er I try to make a new post and the page IS BLANK or is still load­ing. Kind of puts a stop to reg­u­lar activ­i­ty, huh?).

Last gripe, the load. THE LOAD. Do not want. Or is it just me?

Any­way… Yes, I con­tact­ed Mae­stro for new host­ing. Once he accepts the request and the future set­up is com­plete, update your blogrolls and say good­bye to The Otaku Spot… THE VLOGGER BERSION. Until then, I’ll still make posts here, all of which will prob­a­bly be imported. ^^;

9 thoughts on “Planning on moving to a new host…

  1. Was plan­ning on post­ing and men­tion­ing how there’s no wait over here in high speed inter­net land, but then it took 15 sec­onds to load, before auto-log­ging me in and delet­ing my com­ment. I love irony.Yeah, Blog­ger is real­ly clunky and I def­i­nite­ly would’ve start­ed with Ani­me­blog­ger had I heard of it. Espe­cial­ly since then half my posts would­n’t date to 1960 (although that has been fixed recent­ly). XD Inci­den­tal­ly, when your move goes through, are you going to be able to move your old posts over or any­thing? That’s one of the big fac­tors bind­ing me to Blog­ger right now any­way (aside from me being lazy).

  2. @CCYoshi: From what I’ve seen, Word­Press lets you import your old posts from Blog­ger, so yeah. 🙂

  3. Ani­me­blog­ger is very good, its free and reli­able, very good deci­sion lol, I’m sure you’ll enjoy word­press and all its flex­i­bil­i­ty cus­tom lay­outs ftw 🙂

  4. Yeah, nev­er real­ly liked Blog­ger. 😉 Don’t wor­ry, AB’s a reaaal­ly good host site (Mae­stro’s a God, even though I nev­er real­ly talked to him before)

  5. @TokiDoki: I’m very sure I will. lol@Mintie: Yup. Known that from the num­ber of peo­ple that enjoy his host­ing. :DDun­no about the god part though. lol More of a… “Over­lord”.

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