Lucky Star 14

We get the intro­duc­tion of Konata’s lit­tle cousin and Yui ‘nee-san’s lit­tle sis­ter, Yuta­ka. Final­ly, a per­son who is actu­al­ly short­er than Kona­ta! Of course, we also get an intro­duc­tion of the silent Minami.

Yui ‘nee-san is tru­ely the “ide­al cop”… Gosh, when you think about hav­ing a car ride with Yui, don’t you just feel like regur­gi­tat­ing too? I feel sor­ry for Yutaka.

Yuka­ta is so cute. No won­der why Kona­ta thinks she’s make a great com­bo with Miyu­ki. SO moé~!

On to Mina­mi, she sor­ta’ reminds me of Yuki from The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya. She did­n’t give me that impres­sion in the man­ga. How­ev­er, hav­ing the same seiyuu in the ani­me, the same silence, and the same life-long love of books gave me the slight impres­sion of Yuki in my head. I guess hav­ing the same seiyuu caused it… Edit: + Yuka­ta = loli yuri? Hmmm…

Back to Yui…

In my opin­ion, they’d all get caught sneak­ing into a bar. ^^;;

Lucky Chan­nel’s inter­est is slow­ly fad­ing. Maybe because it cuts into the episodes too ear­ly nowa­days? ^^;; I’d like to see more of the actu­al show and less of Lucky Chan­nel, but still enough of Lucky Chan­nel to retain its value.

Live action Shi­raishi for the win! One of the best parts in the episode. The guy’s priceless.

A spe­cial thanks to our spon­sers. ;D

5 thoughts on “Lucky Star 14

  1. lol this is the ED with the hare hare yukai song I’ve been talk­ing about, it was hilar­i­ous when I saw it. I’m amazed at how many ref­er­ences there are to Haruhi there are in this series and theres more to come.

  2. @TokiDoki: Yup. ALOT more to come. Already watched episode 16 and I have to say…

    I’m speech­less. lol

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