Nanatsuiro★Drops 02 — I demand some yuri NOW… Kidding.

“Holy ****! Is that a ****?!”

Once a trap, always a trap. To any of you that actu­al­ly got that ref­er­ence, I com­mend you for your exten­sive knowl­edge of… traps.

We see Tsuwabu­ki wak­ing up from a good night’s sleep, returned to nor­mal. Was it all a dream? Tell that to that hug­gable cream of sug­ar sleep­ing next to you in bed. ;D Nor­mal­ly, this is kind of a “OH SHI-” sit­u­a­tion for an ani­me guy. So many pos­si­bil­i­ties… mil­lions of mal­lets from who-knows-where pop­ping out and land­ing on the main char­ac­ter’s head, the main char­ac­ter being accused of being a 変態 or エッチ and get­ting his butt land­ed in prison, or the char­ac­ters would break into an implied sex scene; the lim­it of what the broad­cast code would allow (yes, I’m ful­ly aware that Tsuwabu­ki does­n’t get it on with Sumo­mo until lat­er in the game). In Tsuwabuk­i’s case, he got off lucky and Sumo­mo fig­ured it was just a dream. 

My favorite ani­me expres­sion of all time.

This episode focus­es on Sumo­mo and Yaeno’s friend­ship and trust. Yaeno finds out about Sumo­mo secret of bein­ng a Stel­lar Spin­ner and Yuki-chan, and Yaeno is put into a promise of trust with her being the only per­son who can know of their secret, with some char­ac­ter devel­ope­ment from Tsuwabuk­i/Yu­ki-chan (it’s obvi­ous he’s gonna fall in love with Sumo­mo, eh?). Let’s say Yaeno is Nanatsuiro★Drops’s Tomoyo, only with­out the dress-mak­ing/video­tap­ing and les­bian ten­dan­cies toward Sumo­mo unlike what I imply and what the ani­me would mis­lead you into thinking.

We get a lit­tle more infor­ma­tion on Tsuwabuk­i’s cur­rent sit­u­a­tion; his trans­for­ma­tion into Yuki-chan isn’t per­ma­nent. Dur­ing the day, he’s CEO of mul­ti-bil­lion com­pa­ny Wayne Indus­tries and Gotham play­boy, Bruce Wayne human but when the sun falls, he’s The Bat­man a sheep.

One gripe about the episode I had was that Yaeno was sort of, well, calm see­ing a walk­ing and talk­ing stuffed lamb. My reac­tion would be a lit­tle like this:

Still adorable.

Next episode fea­tures a full debut of the antag­o­nist we see in the shad­ows à la Eri­ol in episode 1.

Why was Miko-san being so over­ly-wit­ty and hyper today? It’s a hot, sum­mer day — and I’m los­ing my mind!

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