Manliness Suckers — The Reason I like Pink

They’re like leech­es. They’re cute. They’re fuzzy. They make you warm inside. Any guy that watch­es begins to notice a decrease in his testos­terone level.

I’ve noticed that dur­ing the long time spent in the ani­me fan­dom, I’ve been attract­ed to the very cute shows as well as the very seri­ous ones. Of course, there are some anime/manga that I’m very skep­ti­cal at when I first look at them and find myself search­ing through var­i­ous descrip­tions and, for man­ga, con­tent until I see some­thing that I find inter­est­ing. But there has been a wierd, reocur­ring trait in me that I have noticed for a long time now… If the show is per­ceived as cute, adorable, mag­i­cal, a fluffy romance, girly, or “萌え” — I auto­mat­i­cal­ly give it a chance. I’ve also notice that, as per­son, I have liked some stuff girls are usu­al­ly thought to like (such as stuffed ani­mals, cute ribbons/hairbands (on girls, that is…), hard­core romance, etc. I don’t cross­dress and I’m still straight, though ;)), Does­n’t helped that I’m a 兄さん of a very cute 妹… uhh, I mean a old­er broth­er of a very cute baby sis­ter. This was NOT the case some years ago in the past.

Some­thing has been suck­ing up the lit­tle man­li­ness I had out of me. I blame quite a selec­tion of ani­me for this. Actu­al­ly, I’m going to name the sus­pect that I believe may have caused this cer­tain female fac­tor in me!

桜 are some of my favorite blossoms!

The #1 sus­pect. At first, I watched it because the plot seemed inter­est­ing and I heard of the major changes it went through went it came to Amer­i­ca. All I remem­ber from the US ver­sion was that “Saku­ra” was a snob, val­ley girl accents were thrown every­where, and every­thing sin­gle thing was ruined. Any­way, when I first watched the subbed ver­sion — I was exposed to the cute­ness of which was the nar­ra­tor, Saku­ra. I was hyp­no­tized. I could­n’t stop watch­ing. I went into a marathon of the whole first sea­son. Dur­ing the mid­dle of the series, I found myself slow­ly obsess­ing over love more than usu­al and when I fin­ished the series, it was con­stant­ly on my mind. Go figure!

Along with watch­ing some more mahou shou­jo, along with the gener­ic ones, that “inner female” inside me start­ed to expand with­out notice! Watch­ing stuff like Full Moon wo Sagashite (Shiniga­mi, known in the Eng­lish cul­ture as “Grim Reapers”… in the form of ani­mal plushies? Do I real­ly need to explain?), Futa­go Hime, Di Gi Charat, Tokyo Mew Mew, Hidamari Sketch, etc. real­ly did me in, huh? Present­ly, shows such as Nanatsuiro★Drops and Moetan (@_@@_@@_@@_@;; if it turns me into a loli­con, I’m going to shoot myself) this sea­son aren’t real­ly helping.

And I know I’m NOT the only male with this syn­drome. (; I know that some of you out there got screwed out of your mas­culin­i­ty by watch­ing shows which aren’t aimed at your gen­der and/or age group. What is it about these fluffy shows we call “shou­jo” that draws all of us in hook-line-and-sinker? They have a hyp­not­ic pow­er, pow­er­ful enough to make you men­tal­ly dis­em­body your inner “male” and gen­er­al­ly makes you think like a girl some­times… No, they leech off your man­li­ness, giv­ing the sacred pow­er to all-pow­er­ful mec-… All I have to say is: there is no escape. You’re doomed. We’re all doomed.

Just so you know, the point of this post is not to actu­al­ly share to the world my inner girli­ness, it’s more of want­i­ng to ask… Do girls think guys who are slight­ly girly attractive? ^^;;

_| ̄|○ …/facepalm

6 thoughts on “Manliness Suckers — The Reason I like Pink

  1. Remem­bered my own flash­backs how I thought maybe a year ago or so pret­ty much same things. Soon enough it will be natural. =)

  2. I was doing a google image search, saw the first pic­ture in this post, and had to read the rest >__<. I’m just going to go ahead and blame Card­cap­tor Saku­ra too, I don’t know what it is but that show real­ly draws you in. You can’t help but laugh out loud dur­ing the fun­ny parts, and feel all worm dur­ing the fuzzy parts.

  3. Humm, weird things hap­pened when I used emotes…
    In the part that got blanked out I basi­cal­ly said that I’m the same way.

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