Lucky Star 15 — “HENSHIN!”


Aya Star, Lucky Aya? Hmm...

See­ing Aya ani­mat­ed was sort of fun­ny, esspe­cial­ly done in Lucky Star’s artstyle!

Kyoto Ani­ma­tion seems to love giv­ing slight nods left and right. I bet Aya Hira­no fan­boys were very hap­py with this one. (;

(;I've never felt this way about anyone before...

Kona­ta x Kaga­mi ftw. 😀

I found it amus­ing that Kona­ta, Kaga­mi, Tsukasa, and Miyu­ki went to an Aya con­cert, but I guess it was pret­ty much expect­ed at one point. Any­one who has watched the show up to this point already real­ize that KyoAni’s going to plug every­thing they can in this series. It’s not a bad thing, but it does take away from the actu­al “canon” con­tent at times. Not as much as Lucky Chan­nel though.

Kamen Rider Sōjirō


D‑D-D-D-… Did I just see a ref­er­ence to Kamen Rid­er Super‑1?! Not only that, but it was VERY obvi­ous — the hand move­ments, the hen­shin belt… Much more obvi­ous than the pre­vi­ous Kamen Rid­er Stronger ref­er­ence (the one where Sōjirō got sta­t­ic shock-hap­py and yelled out “STRRROOOONGER!”, which ref­er­enced the sparks in Kamen Rid­er Stronger’s hen­shin sequence). This sort of alludes to how old Konata’s dad is… Those Kamen Rid­er series dat­ed back to 1975 and 1980!

A shame that alot of ani­me fans are com­plete­ly obliv­i­ous to Japan­ese tokusat­su TV shows out­side of Godzil­la. Am I one of the only peo­ple who rec­og­nized the open­ing songs from Aku­maiz­er 3, Ike! God­man and Space Iron­men Kyo­dain at the end of three pre­vi­ous karaoke end­ings in this series? Sad because it’s actu­al­ly one of the most pop­u­lar forms of Japan­ese enter­tain­ment, yet it escapes the eyes of some of the “weaboo” ani­me fans? Blah.

Any­way, some note­able parts of this episode are the ones adapt­ed from the “April Fools” 4‑koma strips:

Tsukasa tries too hard to lie. ^^;;

So evil! Tsukasa cap­tures my heart as each episode pass­es! Is this sup­posed to hap­pen? ^^;; I’m sup­posed to like TSUNDERE CHARACTERS WITH FLAMING HAIR AND BLAZING EYES!


Despite being April Fools, I would’ve had a heart attack too if I found out my teacher acci­den­tal­ly erased a saved file in my game. I always have shiv­ers when I think about this Zel­da TP glitch… eep. Esspe­cial­ly when you’re THAT far into the game and haven’t saved yet. ):

The Real Miyuki

I would’ve fell for this too. Seri­ous­ly, in real life (from a teacher’s point of view), isn’t hav­ing a stu­dent like Miyu­ki too good to be true? Well, maybe I’m exag­ger­at­ing and being too neg­a­tive on school society.

What will my new moth­er be like?

Even though Kona­ta was just play­ing along and turn­ing Sōjirō’s April Fools joke on him, what she did was pret­ty evil. xD

Every­one’s want­ed class arrange­ments came true. Every­one’s happy.

That is, if every­one’s Kona­ta, Tsukasa, Miyu­ki, Yuta­ka, Mina­mi, and Kagami’s class­mates. Kagami’s not includ­ed in the “every­one” group. I like it how she pre­tends that she does­n’t real­ly care. Even though she sees her friends dur­ing breaks almost all the time, not being in the same class as them through­out all the high school years is pret­ty unfor­tu­nate. Poor Kagami!


Wait… this is their last year in high school?!

When you real­ize that this is their last year in high school, you real­ize that this series is get­ting clos­er to its end point. DO NOT WANT! Well, I’ll always remem­ber that it was great while it lasted. (;


My new favorite ani­me expression. (;

The Minoru Legend of Love

Along with the heavy Da Capo par­o­dy, Live Action Shi­raishi end­ing-good­ness made this episode full of win. I just can’t get enough of the guy’s antics.

3 thoughts on “Lucky Star 15 — “HENSHIN!”

  1. So evil! Tsukasa cap­tures my heart as each episode pass­es! Is this sup­posed to happen? ^^;; 
    YES. Yes yes yes. Tsukasa cer­tain­ly seems to be the char­ac­ter that made up the most ground in adora­bil­i­ty since episode 1. She’s my per­son­al favorite, although Yuk­i’s palette swap Mina­mi has potential.

    I’ll admit that I had to Wiki the word tokusat­su. Nev­er had enough free time to immerse myself in more Japan­ese cul­ture; haven’t both­ered to find any sites for that kind of OMG REAL PEOPLE shows. Nice to know some­how is under­stand­ing all these ref­er­ences though, Lucky Star does a good job of mak­ing me feel very white. XD

    As for your com­ment on them being in their last year, makes me won­der how they are going to close the series off (I can think of a cou­ple open ends still,most­ly yuri-relat­ed…is the man­ga still running?

  2. @CCYoshi: From what I know, the man­ga is cur­rent­ly only 4 volumes.
    lol “OMG REAL PEOPLE shows” xD

  3. Tsun­dere char­ac­ters with flam­ing hair and blaz­ing eyes eh? Now who could that pos­si­bly be? =_= cough…Shana…cough cough…

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