I’m sort of con­fused on why a lot of Death Note fans call Light, “Raito”, instead of “Light”. I can under­stand peo­ple call­ing (for exam­ple) “The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya”, “Suzu­miya Haruhi no Yuut­su” because the whole title is Japan­ese. Raito, on the oth­er hand, is just the Eng­lish word “Light” with a Japan­ese accent slapped in. Why not just call him “Light”? Now, we should­n’t real­ly called them “weaboos” since some of them may not know bet­ter and are just fol­low­ing what oth­er peo­ple do.

… Just when I thought that, I saw this.

Raito means Light in Japan­ese”? That’s like watch­ing the .hack//ROOTS dub and watch­ing the Japan­ese ver­sion, and then say­ing “HEY! I know how to say Adept Rogue in Japan­ese! ‘Burakku maruchi wepon’ ”. This is why you DON’T learn Japan­ese from ONLY anime.

lol Desu Noto.

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  1. Basi­cal­ly, the man­ga was cre­at­ed in Japan. If Light’s name would be writ­ten down, it would be done in Japan­ese, not Eng­lish. For that, the Katakana-alpha­bet was used, though it lacks the abil­i­ty to spell “Li” and “ght”. So, his name was katakan­i­fi­cied, as I’d like to call it, into Raito. That’s prob­a­bly why peo­ple refer to him like that.

  2. For the first few vol­umes, the teams who trans­lat­ed the man­ga used “Raito” instead of “Light”, so that could be a reason.

  3. @psgels: Yeah, I know that. I don’t think that peo­ple would be using that term if the man­ga-trans­lat­ing teams, as Skh point out, used “Light” instead of leav­ing the name roma­jized. Esspe­cial­ly when the author wrote his name as “Light” in Eng­lish at one point. It’s like what hap­pened to Naru­to, “Gai’s” name is sup­posed to be spelt GUY, but peo­ple spell it as Gai because of scan­la­tions and the ear­ly manga.

    … But we all know that Raito isn’t the Japan­ese word for Light, right? ;;

  4. I call him “Raito” because that’s what every­body in the ani­me called him. Call­ing him “Light” would just sound wrong, there is a huge dis­tinc­tion between the sounds of the two.

    What, should we call his alter ego “Killer”? If we talk about “Kira”, does that make us hope­less weaboo?

  5. @Nomin­ull: How would it sound wrong? Every­body in the ani­me has called him LIGHT, just with a slight accent. If there was a (for exam­ple), a Aus­tralian show that has a char­ac­ter named BOB, which the most of the Aus­tralian actors call “Bab”, should WE call him “Bab”?

    No, using roma­jized name does not make you a weaboo per se, you’re only a weaboo if you use the Japan­ese pro­noun­ci­a­tion for the heck of it. I’m actu­al­ly against label­ing peo­ple as weaboo over them using the lit­tlest instance of roma­jized Eng­lish words. How­ev­er, if some­one knows that “Killer” and “Kira” are the same, but uses “Kira” just for the sake of it sound­ing Japan­ese, then yes — it is sort of weaboo-ish.

    Most of the point of the post was point­ing out how the dude said Raito was the “Japan­ese word” for Light, any­way. Now there’s an ani­me fan who thinks he knows how to speak Japan­ese but fails mis­er­ably instead by speak­ing hor­ri­ble ENGLISH.

  6. As I was a read­er of Death­note Man­ga long before the movies/anime came out, Raito was Light’s name in the Man­ga (I pre­sume it was the kanatana ver­sion of Light ) but after a few vol­umes the trans­la­tors used Light as Raito’s name and that’s how I’ve heard it since. Havent seen the ani­me so I pre­sume they used Light in the ani­me, but In the movies I’m pret­ty sure they used Light as well.

    Shrugs* does­n’t both­er me much, but I still pre­fer the “japan­ese ver­sion” Raito though. I had to LOL at “Raito means Light in Japanese” 😉

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