This picture is somewhat unrelated to the post - but it’s a samurai, so…

I’ve decid­ed to try my hand at Shig­u­rui. I need some vio­lent, naked samu­rai man-slash­ing action this sea­son, gosh darnit!

I need oth­er peo­ple’s opin­ions before going into that kind of series though — is it any good? I hon­est­ly will hold back try­ing it if it’s just some mind­less violence.

6 thoughts on “Shigurui

  1. The thing is that Shig­u­rui is an incred­i­bly detailed show, which is why te gore works so well. If you’re look­ing for gore, this would be a good choice.

  2. I love it! Def­i­nite­ly check it out! I think it’s the best of the new shows! And the ani­ma­tion is awesome!

  3. Hm, if the ani­ma­tion makes the gore look GOOD, then I’ll guess I’ll give it a shot. 😛

  4. The same direc­tor behind “Texh­nolyze” and the same writer behind “Papri­ka” are head­ing this one with lus­cious Mad­house visu­als. In terms of cin­e­matog­ra­phy “Shig­u­rui” is the most impres­sive ani­me this year along “Mononoke.” If you don’t like atmos­pher­ic, method­i­cal direc­tion with empha­sis on pan­ning shots and ridicu­lous­ly detailed, sub­tle ani­ma­tion, then it’s prob­a­bly not for you. But if you aren’t, then you real­ly can’t do much bet­ter in anime.

  5. @Hel­lKo­rn: Heh, I LOVED Texh­nolyze. 😛 That is enough of a rea­son to watch this.

    From what you’ve described, the ani­ma­tion sounds very detailed as expect­ed from MADHOUSE. Yet anoth­er rea­son to watch.

    On a side­note: I’ve already have Mononoke in my library as we speak. 😀 Strange­ly, I love the style of the art.

  6. if u wan­na watch just the gore, shig­u­rui is the right ting…though hard to under­stand. Will recomend u get a good subber(saizen). Its 12 episodes and i bet u will wish it was 13 or more 😛

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