HaruStar 16

... and then Mikoto comes from behind and saves the day!

Hmm… Do per­verts real­ly just walk up to you and ask you for your pic­ture? Sure, it’s polite, but…

(Wow. Tsukasa sure is submissive.)

I'm not interested in ordinary menus!

Tsun­dere Voice VS Debat­ed-Tsun­dere Voice

Amaz­ing, sim­ply amaz­ing. The man­ner­isms, the facial expres­sion, the pos­ture, Aya switch­ing between her Haruhi and Kona­ta voic­es… It real­ly felt as if the real Haruhi was fight­ing for con­trol of Konata’s body.

The lit­tle nod to the char­ac­ter’s seiyuu was great. Loved how Kaga­mi had her “WTF” face the whole time dur­ing their time at the cos­play café. ^^;; Although.…

Impossible. Not really... Unique.

… they sort of over­did it with the Haruhi ref­er­ences here. Even though I did like it and thought it was one of the best parts in the episode, how long are they going to milk the self-ref­er­enc­ing in this ani­me series?! Hope­ful­ly, after this episode we won’t be see­ing that much KyoAni ref­er­ences. Which might be true giv­en that the next episode does­n’t seem to have that much ref­er­ences at all. Yay! But… it seems when­ev­er KyoAni gets these kinds of things out of their sys­tems in one episode and give it a rest in the next, they seem to build up that sys­tem all over again in the episode after. lol

Oh wow. Do remem­ber that cos­play­ers in real life aren’t always as good as the ones we find in ani­me. These cos­play­ers rocked! It felt like a psue­do-crossover between Lucky Star and Haruhi.

Just... Just... Go ahead and laugh.

I request that this deli­cious /facepalm pic be added to the uni­ver­sal pic of /facepalm pics, please.

NAZO NAZO. Mitai ni. Chikyuugi wo toki akashitara... Minna de doko made mo ikeru ne!


ponytail version

You know what’s sad about this lit­tle scene right here? It actu­al­ly hap­pens in real life.

Some ran­dom dude in the audi­ence demand­ing a “pony­tail ver­sion” put a smile on my face though. ^^;; Every­one wants pony­tail’ed Haruhi, don’t they?

Classified Information

Clas­si­fied Information

Patri­cia Mar­tin! Good to know that this whole chunk of the episode was­n’t entire­ly filler, huh?

No hope.

Yeah, poor Yuka­ta is so sick­ly and frail, not to men­tion small. If she ever gets a boyfriend (unlike the oth­er Lucky Star girls), he’ll sure­ly squish her.

No wor­ries for Kona­ta giv­en all the eroge she plays. Otaku dom­i­nance ftw. 😀

Still in demand

Don’t wor­ry! You’re still in demand.

And I quote Kona­ta from a pre­vi­ous episode, “Flat chests are a sta­tus symbol!”.

Not real­ly impor­tant char­ac­ters — but we get the short debut of the dōjin shop lady and the future tsundere.

Lucky Star 17. Wrong! Next time: Lucky Star 17.... Oh wait.

Next time: Lucky Star 17. Wrong! Next time: Lucky Star 17.… Oh wait.

Last com­ment on Lucky Star for the day: Kyon and Yuki doing the episode pre­view was tru­ely the best thing that hap­pened in the Lucky Star pre­views since Kero­ro. Even though con­stant plu­g­ins are get­ting a lit­tle repet­i­tive, this episode real­ly got me fired up for Haruhi II! Besides the hor­ri­bly hot weath­er that’s mak­ing upload­ing pics a pain…

2 thoughts on “HaruStar 16

  1. XD @ the episode pre­view caption.

    About Kagami’s facepalm in the Haru­Cafe; makes me won­der if that was a Haruhi ref­er­ence as well, with Kyon’s trade­mark “yare yare”. Lucky Star has made a con­spir­a­cy the­o­rist out of me. >_>

    Fun­ni­ly enough I liked this Haruhi ref­er­ence more than the oth­ers main­ly because it was­n’t 100% ref­er­enc­ing for the sake of ref­er­enc­ing; Konata’s voice switch­ing was great, for one.

    But is it real­ly nec­es­sary to get fired up for Haruhi II at this point? XD Any more fired up by the Haruhi fan­base and the inter­net might explode. In any case, as a Key fan­boy, I do hope that the Clan­nad adap­ta­tion comes first, if only because it was, y’know, announced 3 months before.

    There are rumors of simul­ta­ne­ous air­ing and/or divid­ed air­ing (Clan­nad -> Haruhi -> Clan­nad) float­ing about Ani­me­Su­ki, but those are 1) ridicu­lous and 2) off-top­ic. XD

  2. @CCYoshi: That was prob­a­bly a Haruhi ref­er­ence, same vibe.
    I nev­er real­ly bought the simul­ta­ne­ous air­ing and/or divid­ed air­ing the­o­ries on Ani­me­Su­ki. For one thing, KyoAni has been known to work on one project at a time. I’m afraid that if they worked on both of them at the same time, the KyoAni-qual­i­ty would drop somewhat…
    I’m hop­ing that Clan­nad comes first as well. Sure, I love Haruhi — but I already read a major­i­ty of the nov­els and I would like to see some­thing new on the table. That, and it would spite some of the bad eggs out there…

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