I think we’ve found a winner.




Tadana­ga Toku­gawa looks total­ly insane and sadis­tic in this ani­me, no lies.

Along with Mononoke, Shig­u­rui has proven to me it’s one of the bet­ter ani­me this sum­mer. The ani­ma­tion is incred­i­bly flu­id with detail, and as I thought the blood actu­al­ly DID look quite… good. Brought to you by none oth­er than MADHOUSE. As expect­ed, it has a lot of bar­bar­i­ty and slaugh­ter — quite a few of the scenes actu­al­ly gave me quite a bit of a scare. I might not con­tin­ue see­ing how much of a wuss I am, but I won’t deny the high stan­dard qual­i­ty the show brings — the ani­ma­tion is quite excel­lent and the sto­ry isn’t half bad either.

Even if I may not, well, con­tin­u­al­ly watch and write about it — first impres­sions are soon to come. Why, would you look at that, I already did!

OH SHI- Is that the dude’s tra­chea I see?! o_O Wow… ummm… beau­ti­ful? Barf.

2 thoughts on “I think we’ve found a winner.

  1. Regard­ing your reply in the com­ment in the oth­er Shig­u­rui post: I’m rather sur­prised at how many folks ’round the forums love Texh­nolyze, your­self and yours tru­ly includ­ed. I mean, it’s not the type of place that you’d think that, but I think it’s close to ten people…

    TEX and Shig­u­rui are love ’em or hate ’em ani­me, depend­ing on if method­i­cal pac­ing and metic­u­lous direc­tion is your cup of tea. Evi­dent­ly it is yours.

    Anoth­er thing that I admire about Shig­u­rui is that it’s hyper-vio­lent but not in a ridicu­lous­ly over-the-top vein such as Gantz or even its orig­i­nal man­ga incar­nate (judg­ing from what I’ve skimmed from the first four chap­ters). It’s bloody, but for the most part it kept in a realm of realism.

    There’s also an air of refine­ment about it that’s severe­ly lack­ing in sup­posed samu­rai ani­me (any­thing that of the Rurouni Ken­shin fran­chise beyond the OVAs, any­one?). It’s because of this that I’d love for Mad­house and Hamasa­ki (direc­tor of Texh­nolyze and Shig­u­ruito adapt Take­hiko Inoue’s mas­ter­piece man­ga, Vagabond. A good num­ber of folks would cry out in anguish over this, includ­ing those who I believe who have good taste, but con­sid­er­ing that the pac­ing in Vagabond is prac­ti­cal­ly iden­ti­cal to that of what Hamasa­ki usu­al­ly sets, I can’t imag­ine any­one else cap­tur­ing the feel of that series quite as well.

    Also, will you be blog­ging Mononoke? (Would­n’t mind see­ing your thoughts on the two oth­er sum­mer greats, Bac­cano! and Say­onara Zetsub­ou Sen­sei, too.)

  2. @Hel­lKo­rn: I’ll prob­a­bly have some­thing up on Mononoke some­time today. I’ve been pret­ty busy late­ly and it’s been pret­ty hot late­ly so I’ve been cooped up in a room that DOESN’T have a com­put­er most of the time. But yeah, I’ll prob­a­bly have some first impres­sions some­time today.

    As for Bac­cano!, I’m actu­al­ly tor­rent­ing it work­ing on get­ting it right now. As for Say­onara Zetsub­ou Sen­sei, I nev­er got around to it — but it looks good.

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